Are Kids Being Taught To Be Perfectionist?

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I was scrolling on Twitter and I saw a very interesting tweet. When you were little were you ever hit, yelled at or punished for spilling a glass of milk or dropping something? Parents, you are not teaching your kids anything but making mistakes is wrong.

You can see the thread on this Facebook Page

Followed with this quote.

‘Same goes for spilling, staining their clothes, losing money, etc. These are all things that happen in adulthood that no one is punished for. So why are you punishing the tiny human? What lesson are you teaching? Don’t do it again? Don’t do what? Make mistakes? Because newsflash…’

People on the thread also share their experience with being harshly punished over something so small.

This is damaging to children and will cause them to develop a serious mental illness in the long run. I think this is one of the reasons why I do not like being touched outside of my autism. Because of how many times my aunt hit me over little things.

I flinch whenever the doctor needs to touch me. I wish my aunt knew how much damage she did to me hitting me for nothing. She probably felt bad when she realized I am autisitc but my folks never knew at the time.

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