Ignorant Counselor Said I Wasn’t Autistic

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I feel I should give you a backstory on how this all happened. Also, this is to show how ignorant some people can be just because you exhibit different traits of a certain condition than someone else. This is going to be about how an ignorant counselor said I wasn’t autistic, for a stupid reason may I add.

I feel that this caused me to not get the help that I needed with the program as I progressed.  This is why education is important. Stigma, misinformation, and myths will cause us to struggle.

Most people who are labeled as ‘high functioning’ will more than likely have their needs ignored because of the misinformation out there.  People think high-functioning means you have it easy or whatever. This may have been the cause for this person invalidating my autism. We need to get rid of these labels. They’re giving people the wrong idea. 

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