Monthly YouTube Content Schedule-November 2020

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I struggle to pull views on my videos. I mean who doesn’t now a days. I decided to come up with a new system. I make a planner of all of the content going up on my YouTube channels. This way, viewers will know what content is coming before I even premiere the video! This way viewers can put a reminder on their phone or mark their calendar’s since you cannot rely on YouTube notifications to alert you.

I have a calendar for the blog content which will show after the posts went live. So you can catch up on what you missed without having to search the blog.

Week 1 (Week Of Nov 2-8)

Week Of Nov 9-15th

Tuesdays and Thursdays I post to Simming With Jazz. All the other days I post to Gaming With Jazz. Also, when I schedule a peak or content break, you will also be aware.

An episode of Life Is Strange will go up on Friday. I forgot to add that. Also the week of the 16th is when the peak/content break will start. It’s a peak break because from Nov-Jan is when my views will be extremely low due to the holidays. I also want to go through older videos to change the thumbnails and also time stamp my des with YouTube’s new feature.

Around the 15th of each month, I will start editing and scheduling content for the next month. If any feedback (edit wise or audio-wise) is given past the 15th it will have to wait. Make sure to hop on it!

The content is normally recorded way in advance. On the 30th of each month, I will start recording. Recording sessions will last for about a week. From the 30th of Nov until December 8th. Commentary wise feedback taken after the 30 again will be stalled. I gave these dates when I believe I will start editing or recording knowing how many non-subs are like hawks and will call out the smallest thing. Nothing wrong with that. More likely the mistake will be in more than one video.

Remeber edit wise feedback must be in before the 15th

Commentary wise feedback or content suggestions must be in by the 30th.

Also remember videos that I start recording for the 30th will go up not the next month but the following. Say I start recording Nov 30th, the videos will go up in January because December will already be mapped out.

I decided I needed a schedule for when to start editing and when to start recording.

I begin a process where I edit the games audio then combine the video and audio which I called the ‘mesh’ step. I have until the 15th of each month to get as far as I can. 6-15 is for prepping the video.

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