My Decision To Work From Home, A Follow-Up

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Back in 2018, around August, I decided to work from home. I have struggled with finding a job due to autism. I went through a useless vocational program that I thought would help me only to have the counselor invalidate my autism and as a result, I didn’t get the help I needed and I struggled during the program. My mom pushed on me to work in retail. All she ever suggested is retail jobs rather than helping me find someone where I can live on.

I have explained on previous blog posts the barriers that will complicate employment. The main one will be that most jobs require you to work fast and I need a slower pace.

I had trouble getting my mom to understand why I made this choice. I tried telling her it will be better for my mental health, I can go at my own pace, no one to yell at me for doing it ‘wrong’ but to no avail. For instance, I told her my grandma looks for trouble when I do something ‘wrong’ and emotionally I cannot deal with an employer like that; no dice.

I also struggled with finding a job with the settings that I needed. I had a blog and a YouTube channel so I decided to work from home. I learned I can put affiliate links in my blog. I learned I can sell things through my blog. I also post on crypto blogs like I decided to build that up. Then I had a problem. I had trouble getting my mom to understand why I made this decision. One day she told me when it got warmer (this happened sometime in 2018 going into 2019) that she would take me to talk to the manager at Burlington or Marshal about a job. I tried to tell her that working from home is better for my anxiety. I just could not menace words. I told her how bad my anxiety is being in public spaces. Back in 2017, she claimed the doctor said I can do something where I am not around a lot of people but suggesting all of these retail places and NOT understanding these stores get busy. I feel that ableist counselor changed my mom. I don’t have proof but before seeing this ableist prick, my mom agreed with the doctor about not being able to work. She claimed he said it needs to be a low-stress, low traffic job. And she told me about the program under the impression they’d help me find a job with that. The lady I was given refused to believe I am autistic then my mom changed her tone. From understanding why I couldn’t work to comparing me to other autistics who are working. Allegedly, the counselor’s ableism changed my mom’s perspective.

I did write an article for an autism page and got paid via PayPal. It wasn’t a lot but I remember maybe the page isn’t that big right now and when they get larger so will the pay. A guy paid me in crypto to write an article for his website to help him get more users. I feel that my best bet is a job like this. I have no skills related to retail jobs, what my mom wants me to do. Imagine this interview for a writing position
Person: tell me about your writing experience
Me:  I wrote an article about autism for an autism page, I wrote an article for a solo programmer to help him get his site heard. Wrote a guest story for a mental health blogger when I used Overall I started blogging in 2017 on WordPress. If they ask why I moved to blogger I can say I checked out blogger and it was so much easier to navigate. I’ve got social media marketing skills, SEO skills.

Imagine this interview for a retail job

Person: tell me about your retail experience


The potential client will know I will be prepared if I am approached to write something for someone.

I think I’d have a better shot at a writing job or maybe a freelance video editing job.

I’d rather spend time building my blogs, slowly but surely building my earnings on them than chase after a job that would barely pay me to live. Regardless of what you do for a job, anything can happen to it. At least if you have an online income you can easily diversity it so if something happens to YouTube, you have your Twitch or whatever you stream on, etc.

I suppose it’s fair to say I am getting started. Before when I had no money to get anything, affiliate marketing would not work too well. I feel as though me unboxing and testing whatever and the viewer sees me using it every day will result in more trust and eventually the viewer buying it.

I wanted to monetize my blog with ads, I could not do that on because you have to pay for their paid plans. And at the time I had no money for hosting. My earning on Steemit were too low to come up with the money. I tried out Bluehost meaning picking a domain and plan just to see how much it would cost and the first bill will be over 200 and then I’d pay 2.99/mo for the plan. It would take ages to get that on Steemit. However, Namecheap was only 16, and it’s way easier to get that than 200.

I want my folks to understand I am heading in a direction, It’s just that it’s not what they want. My mom wanted me to work in retail which is why she did not agree on working from home. She thinks I will not get out of the house when I can take my tablet or laptop and go to Starbuck or the library just to change up the scenery. I’d be so burnt out from the job, I’d be at home anyway. Working from home, I can take my laptop and go to Starbucks (anywhere with wifi) to change up my settings)

It was so hard convincing my mom that working from home is good for me. Her argument was always I won’t be socializing.

I still got ways to go to achieve being self-employed.

I now see that I have to do what is best for me, no one is in my head but me.

I chose what was best for me.

It will take some time to get there. I feel it beats sending in applications and getting nowhere. Everyone on the spectrum is different. I wish my mom would stop suggesting jobs based on someone else and more on me and what I can and can’t take.

I hate being compared to someone else when they have different circumstances than me.

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