Things I Miss Doing Pre-COVID

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What do I miss pre-pandemic? Man, I will have a phone book for you. Not literally. I’ve forgotten how things were before. Doing my gaming with jazz rewind series on YouTube took me back to those times.

Sometimes I feel hopeless like things will never go back to normal and this is how we have to leave now, all because of selfish people.

Lets get into it.

1. Eating Out

I miss sitting down at restaurants and eating out. This photo was from my birthday dinner from 2018 I think. I won’t be eating out for my birthday this year all because people wanna cry about wearing a mask. All because some folks didn’t wanna make one little sacrifice. No one was able to do whatever they do on their birthday because of a ‘president’ who ignores the advice. (from trusted people) It may have been the last birthday for some. Actions have consequences.

2. Traveling

2019, I just got into the traveling game. Wanted to be on the open road. Me, my laptop, my blog. That was halted when the new normal hit. I wanted to go down south. Due to my folks down south being reckless packing into a church with no masks/distancing, it was too big of a chance to take.

This place looks like a nice place to hide. The vlog took me back when I added a clip for an episode of my rewind series.

3. Not Needing A Mask

Now if you see any photos of me in public. I am wearing a mask. If only everyone wore masks for about a few weeks, things would not be this bad. But alas, folks think masks violate their rights. I will never understand why packing a bar is more important than a life. There will be hundreds of bars. Once you die, you’re gone.

The worst part about this is. I missed my chance to live. I could not do anything due to being unemployed, at the time not having disability, couldn’t find a job and my only chance at getting any income was the little change I was making on Steemit. It would have taken ages just to get enough money to buy a movie ticket due to my earnings being so low. Now I get money, had just opened a gym membership with my mom and I didn’t even attend for a month before the first shutdown.

Sometimes I wish I knew what I was doing to cause fewer people to see my content on Steemit so I can not do that, earn more and I would have had a part-time job and would have avoided having to constantly convince my mom to just let me work towards working from home.

At least I got to go down south, twice.

Lets not forget, I wanted to return to this festival. Now that I am on my folk’s care insurance and have money. I would have asked my friend if he wanted to go.

If you’d like, you can submit a guest post about things you miss doing pre-pandemic, how it affected you. If I can convince one person to wake up, that is better than nothing at all.

4. NO Signs

No social distancing posters. Not having to worry about remembering the mask. Early in the year, there were lines to get INTO to store. None of that pre-pandemic.

I feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I know I am not the only one who hates this year.

I miss not being afraid to go out. I mean due to crowds anxiety was a problem. I mean going out without being afraid of catching the virus.

I miss vlogging. It will be hard for viewers to hear me w/ a mask on. Only shots in the car will be boring.

I’ve never felt so angry. It sees my blood boil when people cry about wearing a mask and use the gov controlling them when the gov makes you wear a seatbelt.

I wish I was in a world where everyone care for each other.

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