This One Last Straw Put Me Over The Hedge

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This post talks about eating disorders. Please be aware if you choose to read this.

When I was a Jr. In high school, I was having some health issues. I was unable to hold my food down and it caused me to be weak as a result. I joined the flag girls for the marching band that year. I had joined before the issue kicked in. This was in 2012. My issue caused me to overheat easily and caused me to need frequent breaks. The NT bandmates saw a different side to it. The director eventually thought I was faking because I ‘looked ok.’

You know the disability pictogram you see? We need to change it. That pictogram makes people think disabilities are visible but not all of them are. Clearly, someone who only thinks you have to see something should not be an educator.  I should have told him ‘oh I can’t see your brain, I guess you don’t have one.’

He couldn’t see my fatigue so he thought I was faking. I would not have cared if he got mad. He was in the wrong accusing me of faking being sick because in his eyes I ‘looked’ fine.

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