Travel Diaries// Going Back To AR (the arrival) Oct 2019

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There is a blog post going up later on about the April trip. This blog will be about the October trip from last year.

Since 2010, I haven’t set foot in TN. Fortunately, we caught the bus and the bus stopped in Memphis. The train stops there and probably the airplane. Here is a blog post while on my way. It was dark when I left so I couldn’t do much. Night traveling is cool if you’re going somewhere well lit. It was for like 10 minutes but I wanna have my moment. I added some extra photos to try and make the blog look a bit better.

Backpack all ready.

 It was starting to get lighter outside. I couldn’t get any of my fabulous landscapes because it was too dark to get any photos.

 A bad image of the Memphis arch. This was when we were being picked up from the bus station. My 70 MPH photo skills are rusty. For sure.

There is the train crossing the bridge.

Got some photos on the highway. Although it did look cool.

 The bus station was near an airport.

 I made myself a latte and some ice cream. It was really good.

Here’s some travel coffee. I am a big coffee drinker. I added some whipped cream and chocolate sauce for my coffee.

And I added a camel sauce as well.

I am surely gonna buy the things I need to make my own Lattee. 

I also recorded a vlog while I was on my way. It was dark when I left so I didn’t get a lot of footage.

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