YouTube Content Schedule And Workflow Schedule

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This will be the schedule and workflow schedule for my YouTube channel. This will help viewers understand the channel a bit. I have 2 gaming channels. Gaming With Jazz will have story-based games and Simming With Jazz will have the sims and challenging games ( or at least games I feel are challenging.) I did this to split my content due to how often I prerecord and how long some videos sit before they are edited and uploaded.

Sun- Gameplays right now as of writing this, I am playing LIS.


Wed- Gameplay

Fri- Tutorials, advice ete

Sat-Off topic day

I will post on Tue and Thurs on Simming With Jazz.

Keep up with the monthly content planner schedule I have to know when peak/content breaks will be scheduled.

Peak break- when I cut my uploads down during periods when views will be lower ( etc October-Jan is when views will be lower due to Halloween, Thanksgiving, exams, holiday planning etc) also if it is the holidays people will be searching for holiday related stuff.

Content break- If I want to fix thumbnails or layout, I go on a content break to allow me to do so.

Now as to the production of the content. The reason I am making this is I tend to get ‘feedback’ from a lot of non-subs. Who most likely don’t even know my videos are pre-recorded and NOT made on the same day they were posted. Say someone points out audio, most likely the mistake will be in multiple videos. One problem? 10 videos were already recorded and edited. Maybe this will shed some light.

Note that it can be quite a few videos before any feedback gets implemented. That is if I understand what I need to do.

30th of the month until the 6th of the next month will be spent recording. So recording sessions will not take place until the frame I just gave you

That means on the 30th of Nov until the 6th of December will be spend recording.

6th-15th will be spent prepping the video, editing audio, compressing footage for smaller file size. If there is a step in audacity I am missing or misusing you need to tell me so at least during the prepping step I can do something.

The 15 until the end of the month is spend editing and scheduling content so I can be ready to schedule the blog post so it is live and ready for the first of each month.

If any feedback is given AFTER the recording session (say regarding commentary) it will be a while because remember recording sessions start at the end of the month.

Any editing wise feedback given AFTER the 15th probably won’t be seen until the next month.

Sometimes people view my content from an external site like Reddit and may not see this is the down side. However, I still should link it on YouTube in case they want to watch from YT.

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