๐ŸŒธ Welcome To My Blog/Website

Currently, I do not have the budget to hire a team. I apologize

This will be a website/blog combo. I am an editor who will bring your videos to life. This is aimed at streamers looking for someone to edit together, say a rage montage from their stream. I do montages/highlights, lets plays, unboxing videos, etc

For gamers by a gamer. There are various reasons why you may need an editor. Maybe life’s got you busy, or maybe your laptop quit.

Take a look at this GTA 5 mission failed montage using clips from a previous Livestream I did.

Take a look at this let’s play that I’ve edited

Did you know that posting reels/shorts of your stream highlights can help your competition? Let’s be real, getting noticed on Twitch is tough. Make it easier with a reel montage ( eg a rage montage, funny moments, your best moments, etc.) Or a full video with highlights of your best moments.

I Will Also Make twitch graphics, editable twitch overlays

Not everyone has the time to spend making Twitch graphics, maybe you don’t have the patience/time, etc to learn how to use Photoshop or whatever. I will make you some Twitch graphics. You can use this for YouTube as well.

I will have various themes and at times I’ll release seasonal themes ( eg a spring theme for spring, a summer theme for summer, etc)

I will also make Youtube banners, Twitch banners, etc

I make my graphics in Canva. Canva is free to use. They have a pro subscription, however, you can access what you need with the free version. You are welcome to upgrade if you want more features.

I have a ko-fi page. Ko-fi is like Patreon but Ko-fi offers more ways for your audience to support you. You can send a one-time tip.

You can tip monthly or join a monthly tier (whichever the creator has open) and so on. I have 2 subscriptions. One is where you can get my let’s play content early and another is where you can get my Twitch VODS (edited) early. Typically Twitch VODS don’t go up on YT right away. usually, they won’t be up for up to 2 months, ko-fi members get access within about a few days of the stream. Times may vary depending on the game and how hard it is to edit

This will allow me to keep bringing content for the audience which can be but is not limited to, being able to purchase the latest console, and commissioning thumbnails for Roblox, in general, allowing to me live comfortably.

I have a kofi page. I no longer have memberships and would rather give people the option to pick the amount they can afford a month, you will still get early access to my content, ad-free blog posts, and my twitch vods in full (say I want to do a streaming marathon for a game I already completed)

Jazz up your background /setup with my art. A neat background also helps with your Twitch/Youtube content. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Why not hang some nice decor on your wall? Or have a nice laptop skin, mouse pad, etc. I will add some designs for let’s say a mouse pad, poster, mug, etc which is coming soon.