🌸 Welcome To My Blog/Website

Currently, I do not have the budget to hire a team. I apologize

This will be a website/blog combo. I am an editor who will bring your videos to life. This is aimed at streamers looking for someone to edit together, say a rage montage from their stream. I do montages/highlights, lets plays, unboxing videos, etc

For gamers by a gamer. There are various reasons why you may need an editor. Maybe life’s got you busy, or maybe your laptop quit.

Take a look at this GTA 5 mission failed montage using clips from a previous Livestream I did.

Take a look at this let’s play that I’ve edited

Did you know that posting reels/shorts of your stream highlights can help your competition? Let’s be real, getting noticed on Twitch is tough. Make it easier with a reel montage ( eg a rage montage, funny moments, your best moments, etc.) Or a full video with highlights of your best moments.

I have a ko-fi page. Ko-fi is like Patreon but Ko-fi offers more ways for your audience to support you. You can send a one-time tip.

I set up my page to have tiers of various levels to give people more affordable options. I feel everyone, no matter what they spare, should have equal access to my content.

Jazz up your background /setup with my art. A neat background also helps with your Twitch/Youtube content. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Why not hang some nice decor on your wall? Or have a nice laptop skin, mouse pad, etc. I will add some designs for let’s say a mouse pad, poster, mug, etc which is coming soon.

I have a new podcast, it’s going to be about disability, being a content creator, and so on. You can stream it on various platforms (slowly rolling it out on other platforms)

Here is episode 1 so far