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I’m a Freelance editor open for hire. My name is Jazz, I am the owner of this blog, gaming with jazz (used to be called theloneaspie)

I am offering editing services. Why hire an editor? Well,

  • maybe you’re a full-time student or work full-time. Investing in an editor benefits you that way you won’t have to leave your channel inactive until you have more time
  • maybe you need videos for your business.
  • maybe there are cool tricks you want in your videos that you don’t have the means to do, however, someone else can help you.


Busy life? Are you sick of your Yt channel being inactive? Well, I can edit it for you. I use Wondershare Filmora.

Some edits I did with Filmora. I edit

More examples

Youtube Sample. If I cannot post the video clip on Tik Tok or Instagram due to the music, I’ll link a quick video from my Youtube.

Sample #2

Sample #3

I also post sample clips on Tiktok and Instagram. My IG is like my portfolio. I am going to have an IG for editing samples though. Still keep an eye out on my main. I’ve also got a Twitter for my editing samples.

here is a vlog that I edited of mine.

A speed lapse video that I did

I will add more sample clips to my profiles. I will continue to expand the types of videos I edit and I want samples to reflect the different styles

I am great with editing together highlights/montages. and compilations. Here is a GTA 5 mission failed compilation I did.

Voice Comissions

I’ve been looking to get into VO work. I’ll be your character. More clips will be posted along the way, here are a few to give you a taste.

A sample from my Twitter

Here is a sample from my Tik tok.

Another tik tok sample

If you have any questions regarding any services provided, feel free to ask me! I’m happy to work with you. Let’s say you make commentaries or record voice-overs on your videos and let’s say your mic is broken, you get sick, etc. Then I can record it for you.

Instagram and Tik Tok and the best places for example. Here are some practice runs.

Roblox Death Run Voice Opening


I charge by effort for my edits. These are ballpark ranges. Rates may vary depending on whats required for your video.

Reaction videos- $50

Tutorials/how-to videos/reviews- $50-75

Vlogs $75-100

Gaming videos $100+

A final price will be negotiated after you order; after I know what your videos needs.

As for my race for the voice commissions will start at 50 bucks. It all depends on the project. A final price will be given after you’ve explained the project.

For faster and more efficient communications, add my discord then you can message me. You can also friend me on Discord: aaliyahholt#7442

It’s easier to reach out to me this way. If you want to order you can contact me then once you agree to work with me then we can move to discord. Updating you about the video will be easier to do so on Discord or DMs.

When I edit. I edit the audio file in Audacity. Then I use Fillmore 11 for my editing. Editing times vary depending on the project.

I can have the video ready within 1-2 days

contact me if you’d like to work with me

Freelance Writing

I can also write an article for your brand. I mainly write about autism and mental health. I also talk about all things being a content creator.

For any of these services contact me for more info.

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About Me

Jazz Williams

I am a content creator, streamer blogger. i will blog about all things being a content creator, tech reviews, first impression game reviews.