Honest Grammarly Review

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I felt embarrassed with people pointed out my grammatical errors. Due to autism, I do not understand English. In fact, when I took standardized tests, my English score was one of the lowest. I have trouble understanding how a phrase should sound. Ex: ‘could have vs could of’

Then I remembered Grammarly and I downloaded this software to help better my writing.

I’ve seen it in ads on YouTube.

Grammarly will simply highlight with a red line your mistake and give you options on the proper way it should be said. It’s like the standard spell check from Microsoft word back in the day but more advanced. English teachers, you should show this software to your students. This app will literally help them with a proper way to write.

Imagine English test scores rising because Grammarly gives you a better idea of how a sentence should sound.

But Why Grammarly?

People Seeking Jobs- It would not be the highlight of your day if you got denied your dream job because of too many errors in your cover letter. 

People Getting Into College-  It would be embarrassing if you got denied entry from your dream school because of too many errors in your essay. Most colleges require you to write an essay to get into their school. 

Or if you write a Facebook post and no one can make out what you’re saying.


Being a Freelance Writer can be a game-changer, you can quit your shitty job, and have more time for family, and friends. However, a blog with too many errors will be off-putting to a potential client. They may excuse a few errors. However too many could show you are not serious about this. Broken English will also put off a reader/client. They will leave your article and go to one they can understand.  Honestly, If I clicked on a blog post and couldn’t understand what you are saying I’d probably close the blog post and go to one I can better read.


If you have a teacher that doesn’t play around, you can’t afford to lose points over grammatical errors. When you could have gotten a perfect score if you didn’t have the errors in the first place. 

The point is this works for everything you write on the web.

Want to fix your grammar now? Install Grammarly! This software will save you the embarrassment of grammatical errors or misspellings. It sure saved me from the embarrassment. One of the guys even said my grammatical mistakes improved since I installed Grammarly.

The software is not perfect. Nothing is. You still should proofread your post in case the software missed an error.

The paid version has a plagiarism checker. Can’t be too safe these days. it even picks up more mistakes.

Remember no site is perfect. This is why they leave a feedback box. If you want to pick up more mistakes, I suggest you upgrade to the premium subscription