Disclaimer/Affiliate Links Disclosure.

My blog may contain affiliate links, which means if you use my link to buy something, I will get a cut at no extra cost to you or I may get a discount. The blog may contain sponsored posts which means a company is paying me to promote their product. I won’t promote something I don’t like. This also includes sites that have referral codes. I will get compensation if you use my code/link to join the site (like Nord VPN for example)

I will ONLY post affiliate links to the equipment I use for YouTube or Twitch.

The blog will contain ads. Your cookies will be read so the algorithm knows what ad to show you. The ads you see is based on what you are searching for. So if you visit let’s say YouTube.com, you may see an ad for Youtube premium. The images I use are from Pixabay.com, a site where you can get images free from copyright.

When I unbox and review products it’s based on how I felt about them. Keep in mind sometimes you are sent a faulty product. It happens. If that happens you can exchange your product. Results may vary.

I share advice regarding how to grow a Youtube channel. Note that this is advice that’s helped me and there is no guarantee it will help you. Take my advice at your own risk

Although I am no longer blogging about autism/mental health. Older posts will stay up. I am not qualified to answer questions about depression, medication, or treatments. etc. Any questions about how depression happens, and talk about meds, etc are best suited for a professional

The same with autism posts I am not qualified to say how it happens or what medication work, debunking theories (like how meds make it worse or whatever) I cannot vouch for what’s proven or not for obvious reasons. This is merely a personal blog about my experiences of my mental illness/autism being under the radar.

Please do not ask me how depression happens, about medication debunking, etc but I do not know, as I am not a professional. This is to avoid accidentally telling you misinformation. All I can say is ask a pro. When in doubt, if you’re gonna ask me about medications, treatments, remedies= the question is for someone qualified.

Therefore do not just go off my response and instead seek a professional opinion from a certified therapist/psychologist etc. The purpose of the blog up until the rebrand is to showcase my struggles and to talk about how stigmas prevent people from getting the proper treatment. Different remedies help different people so any remedies mentioned in this blog may not help you. Unless otherwise stated ( eg a certified doctor approved this) do not try any remedies I may mention on this blog.

ALL content posted on this blog is mine. Unless otherwise noted. To gain traction to my blog, I share my articles across social media platforms. THE CONTENT I share on any site (Twitter, IG, etc) IS MINE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.