I decided to start a one-person Podcast (maybe I can have guests when I am in a position to pay them for their time)

about being a content creator, autism, disability, and why content creation is the only job I can do being chronically ill

Trolls Unmasked

I talk about my sudden "fame" on Facebook and how it came with a price, trolls. The grass isn't always greener on the other side

In order to keep the podcast up, I need to pay for hosting, just like have to run this blog, your support will allow me to keep this podcast up and running.

I am also going to upload other episodes separately. I wanna make sure I already have funds lined up before paying for hosting. I don’t wanna jump on it too soon, something else pops up, and ending up having to cancel

Unmasked: Episode 2: Owe you nothing.

This is about just that. No one owes you anything. I recorded this in response to my grandpa’s mom making me feel bad about my body because I’m not a size 2. And I felt she was acting entitled to something I don’t need to explain nor owe anyone