How To Start A Blog

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Here are some ways you can start a blog. You might ask yourself how can you start a blog. Well look no further I got you. If you are wondering what you need I got you covered.

if you want to make money from your blog eventually, you’ll need these things I’m going to mention.

Also if you are into any kind of art (eg voice-over, music, graphic arts etc) you’re more likely to get clients with a URL

Anyone can do it. It takes time and effort. You won’t make loads of money at the start. Some investing and sacrifices are necessary but in the end worth it.

It’s never too late to start a blog. There are some things you should know.

PS, I added the wrong year by accident in the graphic, please excuse this.

This works if you want a website to sell stuff on or for your bussiness. You just have to customize it for that or a blog.

First, get yourself a niche you wanna blog about.

I suggest you blog about what you are passionate about because if you blog about something just because it’s popular or because it will make you money, your readers will see it and be put off. Don’t blog about cooking if that is not something you wanna keep writing about. For instance, I blog about autism because it’s what I know.

Get Yourself A  Website Builder

Find a site you want to use to build your website. I use, in order to use, you need to purchase a domain and hosting.

You can also use it. 

I recommend After you purchase hosting there will be a plug-in to install WordPress or Wix etc. Since I know and use WordPress, I strongly suggest you go with WordPress. At least for me, WordPress is easy to use, easy to install plugins. And you will find more WP tutorials on YouTube if you get stuck and need a tutorial.

If there are any other builders you can use, you can tell me in the comments! 

I suggest you search “how to start a wordpress website” on Youtube. I used Namecheap and WordPress and just customized them for a blog.

Get Yourself A Custom Domain

Using a free WordPress site is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

Get paid hosting and a paid domain. The problem with free sites like, they are not the best.

You will need a custom domain for your site. If you use the domain your site builder gives you, it looks like this ‘www.joe’’ I  watch this YouTuber who gives people advice to become a Freelance writers and she mentions how subdomains do not look professional. Having a custom domain will make it easier for people to find you. It will be easier to find your site if your URL is www.joe’, net, org, etc. One huge problem with free hosting sites; is if WordPress, blogger, etc decided that your content doesn’t abide by their rules, your blog can be deleted without warning. If the site closes, your blog will go with it. Imagine years of hard work gone just like that. You don’t want to lose years of content, don’t you?

Having your own domain spells ‘this is my site.’ Using the subdomain let’s say Weebly gives you ‘ex’ says ‘oh I’m just borrowing this.’

Imagine if Facebook’s domain was ‘,’ would you use it? probably not.

You will get more views on your post if you have a custom URL. The result of getting a custom URL is I had more freedom and got more visits to my blog.

You don’t need the most expensive web host out there. I purchased both a domain and hosting from Namecheap. I recommend getting the same services from the same company. Everyone is different. You can also buy a URL from Namecheap and hosting from let’s say Bluehost and just say you already have a domain when signing up.

Get Yourself Some Spellcheck

You will need to spell-check your articles for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. A blog with too many mistakes will be off-putting to your viewers. Grammarly is your friend. Check out this review of their software so check that out if you’d like. I suggest you buy the pro version since it picks up more mistakes.

Get Yourself Some Graphics

You’re going to need some graphics for your blog. I suggest Pixabay as they are royalty free and you will have no worries. If you want to spice up your graphics, you can use Canva. I use Canva and it has everything that I need.  You can use Picmonkey for editing, really any editor. Canva has so many options and its pro version is 12 something a month, you have more features.

You will need social media for promotion. I recommend Twitter since Facebook limits post reach. Another site that’s great for promotion is Pinterest. It seems easier for me to promote on Twitter than on Facebook.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

You will need places to promote your videos. I suggest Pinterest.

Looking for Facebook groups for bloggers.

You also will need time to invest in things. I suggest Namecheap if you’re on a budget. The plan I picked along with hosting cost me less than 20 bucks. Keep in mind it depends on the plan you pick. If you choose yearly or monthly. Namecheap privacy protection (that hides your information) is free. Bluehost (and other hosts) charges you for this.

I always recommend budget options on this blog. My blog earnings dipped back in April and its a good thing I stuck to budget things.

Consistent Posts

Make sure you can stick to the schedule you pick. I personally post 3 times a week because it allows me to push out my ideas faster. I like to record a video or write a blog post while the idea is fresh. A frequent posting schedule allows that. Your readers may not like every single post from you. Posting more often allows them to see what they want more often. If you post 3 times a month that’s 12 posts a month. The viewer may see 6 posts they like out of 12. If you post once a week that’s only 4 posts. If the viewer has to wait months to see what they want, they will probably give up waiting.