Blog Terms And Conditions

(this blog has rebranded to a gaming blog) since I am still going to blog about autism I feel the terms still apply)

These are my policies regarding the content on my blog and the content I distribute. The purpose is to explain how I personally struggle with autism. Everyone on the spectrum is different. I won’t talk about certain topics without research first or feedback. I take the results I can and put it in my own words. The content is 100% original. The images used in my header is from, a site where you can get royalty-free images. Travel blogs will have one of my photographs as the header.

I do not promote ‘cures’ for autism. I do not condone ableist language towards folks with learning difficulties. Including the word ‘retarded.’ I can and will block you from commenting if I see this.

I will not promote any means of harming your autistic child.

I do not condone coming down on an autistic when they come out about their struggles. I do not condone belittling, bullying of any sort. How can you want autistic people to be treated better yet you downplay their issues? Contradictive much?

Posts are intended to explain my struggles as a lesson to parents so they can learn to understand their aspie better.

I do use the word ‘aspie’ or ‘autie’ or any other words used to intentify myself. My intentions for these words are not intended to be rude or ableist. I explain through out my posts how to reconize if someone is using the words to be rude to help you.

Posts containing affiliate links will have ‘this post has affiliate links which means I’ll get a % of the earnings if you buy the product(s).’ I will only promote products that I trust. I do product reviews. I will not review a product if I do not truly like it. The blog has rebranded to gaming/tech to better fit.

Sponsored posts will be indicated as such. Ex: ‘this post is sponsored by X.’ I will not agree if I do not legitimately like the company’s product or if it does not relate to my  YouTube channel in any way.

I have a gaming YouTube channel and occasional autism content.  Occasionally I post speed art w/ an autism discussion. Occasionally I post off-topic things ( eg travel photography). If the product(s) relate to an off-topic thing then I will most likely agree.

Guest posts will be labeled accordingly. Guest posts will feature their blog/website,  social media(s) of their choice and a brief summary of them. I will also have a category called guest posts. Chances are the guest will submit a concept from their website. Which I vote against due to copyright issues. (eg if it’s checked that they posted it to their site FIRST then I’d be in trouble.  I encourage guests to submit posts that they have NOT publish elsewhere.

The content on my YouTube channel is my content. The only time I’d upload a video that is not fully mine is if I collabed with another Youtuber(s). I will not distribute content that isn’t mine unless I collabed with someone and they gave me the OK to share the video. The same for blog posts I will not publish an article I didn’t write unless that person submitted a guest post. Ofc I am going to promote it to help them get traffic to their site.

If I start my description with ‘in this video, I’ or ‘I talk about X’ etc, the video or blog post is mine.

Photographs are 100% mine.

If a photo is featured that isn’t mine, it will have the proper credits. ( eg photo by joe) Unless you see ‘photo by X’ ‘video by Y’ ‘ or info about a guest blogger. The content is mine.

You may not copy my content and put it on your site and claim it as yours. You may not copy content sent in by a guest and claim is as yours. Action WILL be taken!!!

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