Currently, I Don’t Have The Budget to Hire Anyone

As much as I would love to hire someone to make Twitch overlays, thumbnails, etc. I do NOT have the budget at the moment to do so. Whoever I’d hire, I’d want them to be paid for their work. I’ve been getting a lot of messages from artists asking me to buy graphics. At times the person would keep checking in to see if I can buy graphics when my situation is still the same.

I would have to have a semi-big following (Maybe 10K followers) to be able to generate enough money to hire people. I am factoring in getting supporters on ko-fi/Patreon, making affiliate sales, etc

When the day comes, I will post an application (google forms) for whatever I need. I will make an announcement on my socials for people to link samples of their work etc. Then you can apply. But until then, I cannot hire anyone.

If you reach out to me wanting to make thumbnails or Twitch overlays. there is a good chance I will not have the budget to hire anyone. Please be understanding that I don’t have the budget right now but eventually when my platforms grow, I will. Please just accept “it’s not in my budget” I don’t have the spoons to keep going through the same thing.

Even with a discount it still adds up. When you factor in I stream on YT and Twitch, it will add up. I like to have different graphics for YouTube and Twitch.