YouTube Equipment

This page will have affiliate links. If you use my link to purchase anything, I will get a small cut at no extra cost to you.

Instead of having loads of blog posts with affiliate links. I will put everything on this page. These are the things I have personally used for my channel on YouTube. When starting a Youtube/twitch channel, you are going to need some basic things to get you started. You don’t need a top-of-the-line camera or microphone. You just have to learn some simple tricks to improve the quality to get the best of your mic.

SSD Drive

You will need an SSD drive to back up your work in case something happens to your computer. You should also back up your stuff on google photos/the cloud as a plan c in case your SSD drive gets damaged or something

My old SSD drive died so I had to buy another one. My earnings have dropped since I bought the last one. The cheaper alternative was to buy an enclosure and a drive you can insert. Check out this unboxing short.

That SSD drive can be pricey. Since my blog earnings dipped I could not afford the first drive I bought. So I got this affordable case and the drive. This works for computers and consoles for if you want to store your names. No need to uninstall a game to make room for another. The case can support drives up to 6 TBs.

The encloser case

The drive

It’s good for storing my videos or Steam games since I do not have the space on my laptop. Make sure you buy BOTH the case AND the drive. YOU WILL NEED BOTH.

Capture Card

One thing that makes gaming on a console so much easier is a capture card. I used the Elgato Capture card. When I use my Elgato and OBS. I can record gameplay and save it to my computer. When I recorded with my PS4, I could not record PS Now games with PS4’s recorder, I could only record up to an hour, and had to load the clips on a flash drive and then onto my computer. Its also way easier to live stream to YT or Twitch using the Elgato and OBS.

Here is an unboxing that I did.

You can buy your capture card here