About Me

(this blog used to be about autism and mental health and is now being rebranded to a blog about being a content creator/gaming content)

I originally started a Youtube channel in 2016 back when you can monetize right away. I’ve struggled to meet the needs of what viewers wanted due to the lack of equipment and money to buy the equipment I needed.

This blog will talk about that along with some gaming content. I will post some autism and mental health content as an off-topic thing. More or less as stand-by content for if I am low on ideas or until I can get views up.

Follow the blog to get a feel of the content creator’s life. I will give advice to new Youtubers, I will do first impression reviews for games I’ve played. Anything gaming, being a content creator.

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About Me

Jazz Williams

I am a content creator, streamer blogger. i will blog about all things being a content creator, tech reviews, first impression game reviews.