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Content Schedule For January 2021

January 2, 2021

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Happy New year, 2020 was the worst. Am I right? This is the content that I am posting for the month of January. I will change my upload schedule for Simming With Jazz later in the month.

Saturday, the day after New Years will be an episode of the Gaming With Jazz rewind. This episode will be a Roblox montage.

Week 1

  • Sundays will be Life Is Strange
  • Monday is an episode of Roblox story games
  • On Simming With Jazz, Resident Evil 4 on Tuesday
  • Wed will be LIS. Sun and Wed will be Life Is Strange
  • Thurs on Simming With Jazz will be a video on the one thing I never understood about the gaming community.
  • Friday for the main channel will be a tutorial of Tubebuddy
  • Saturday on the main channel, an episode of gaming with jazz rewind.
  • On the blog, an article about why you should not judge disabled people are not working will be like

This is for the week of the 3rd-9th

The week of the 10th-16th

  • Sun and Wed will be Life Is Strange
  • Roblox Bloxburg episode where I test out which jobs pay the most
  • On Simming With Jazz, Tuesday will be the final part of Deltarune Chapter 1.
  • Thursday will be a sims episode where I try out the Sims 4 on PS4
  • 15th on GWJ will be things I want to add to my content for the 2021 year.
  • Saturdays are an episode of the GWJ rewind

The week of the 17th-23rd

  • At this point I should be on Life Is Strange Before The Storm. So now LIS BTS will be posted on Sunday’s and Weds.
  • Monday will be an episode of Roblox Eviction notice
  • Tuesday for SWJ a video about my new schedule,
  • GWJ will be LIS and on SWJ an episode of the Last Of US for Wed
  • Thurs for SWJ RE4
  • Friday I will unbox the mic I bought around Black Friday
  • This time I won’t post GWJ rewind but a video of me reading YT comments

The Last Week Of The Month

  • Sun and Wed will be LIS BTS
  • GWJ-roblox SWJ RE4
  • on Tuesday I will post my first YT short
  • Wed for SWJ will bethe Last Of Us
  • Thurs Swj we will move on to Undertale.
  • Friday on GWJ will be a Canva tutorial and on SWJ will be an episode of the sims 4
  • The Gaming With Jazz rewind for Sat and Sun will be LIS BTS.

I am sorry in advanced but some times I will not be able to find the appropriate planner template.

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