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How To Stop Being Busy And Get Organized

February 23, 2021

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Hey you, yes you, stop being busy! I know, easier said than done, right. Just hear me out. Learn to get organized. Having autism, being busy, and having 1 million things to do will just drive me insane. So I learn some methods to help make my life easier. Life doesn’t have to be busy, it’s busy because we make it that way.
I am talking about in certain cases like joining a lot of clubs in school. What if they all have something around the same time?

I wrote this back in 2019 or 2018.

Once you learn time management, things will be easier for you. One trait people with autism have is they are good at organization. Some folks aren’t though. Remember everyone is different and has different skills/weaknesses. I feel this is a skill I should share with you. T


1. Get A To-do list

Plan out the things you plan on doing for the week. like a to-do list. You should not have any more than 5/6 items on your list. If you put 10 things on your list and you can only get done let’s say 3 things, you’re just adding even more to your plate. You have to finish your tasks from the previous day and then do the tasks for the current day. Instead of jamming in a gym session, put on a workout tape at home and go to the gym when you have more time. Also, get yourself a planner and apply the same principles. It’s like a to-do list but with a calendar. I use a planner to organize all of my content, appointments when I owe a bill ( ex my hosting bill)


2. Find A Backup income Stream
Now working a 9-5 job can suck up most of your time. Most people have to work 2/3 jobs to make ends meet. That can be draining. Startup a backup income source. You don’t want to rely on your 9-5 job. Think what if you get fired, laid off, company closes. You have no backup money. You can start your website and sell things. Write an eBook that you feel people will be interested in. Affiliate links in your blog. Make sure it relates to what you’re talking about so people won’t find unrelated links spammy. If you’re an artist, sell your work, commission photos. Commissions are where someone will pay you to make images for them, say someone wants a painting of a butterfly, they will pay you to make the butterfly painting. Sell things you don’t use anymore, that bike that’s been sitting in your garage for 2 years, you could sell it to a kid and they will have something to get to school on. sell clothes you don’t wear anymore or clothes that don’t fit anymore. Sell a video game/console you don’t play anymore. You can downgrade your hours if your income from the backup source gets stable. You can quit your job eventually. Get into Freelance work like I am trying to get. Originally, I wrote this back in 2018 or early 2019. I am editing this as of 2020, in the middle of a helldemic, where people lost their jobs. See why it’s not wise to rely on your 9-5 job as well. NO job is bulletproof from something happening to it. At least with your education/skills you can find something. Make a website, start your own thing etc
3. Do Your Work Little By  Little
Instead of doing all of your work in one day, split it up. Split your studying. When you get homework, do some of it at school (if you can) and you will not have as much when you get home. Start studying for possible exams early and you will not have to study as much when an exam comes up. Say your finals are in May, start studying in April. Study what gave you the most trouble. When you have a project for school, so do that little by little. One day reseach whatever you’re project is on, then map out how you’re doing it (paper, slideshow etc) then the next day do it little by little. There are ways to find time at school (if you’d like)  For example, after lunch at school, you can go to the library and do some of your homework. If you finish a test or assignment early in class, you can knock out some of your homework. If you take the bus you can do some of your work then. It may seem like you are doing more work but in the end, you leave time for things you barely could do. The same goes for studying.
I am not saying use ALL of the time I listed. Say you’re taking a test and finish early, if you want you can start your homework.


4. Buy Foods That You Don’t Have To Cook
It’s one thing being tired after a long day at work, but it’s even more aggravating if you have to cook dinner. You can buy salads and quick foods for the days you work and cook on your days off. Teach your kids how to cook if they’re old enough. Kids should start learning how to cook when they can. Order out every so often just to treat yourself. Prepare what you want to cook beforehand. Say you want to make Ravioli, gather everything you will put in it, measure ingredients, etc. Put it in a pan, cover it up, and put it in the fridge. All you have to do is put it in the oven when you get home.
I am sure there are plenty of quick-prep foods like Hamburger Helper. All you need is ground beef. Or quick veggie dishes if you orefer that. 
Getting organized makes life so much easier.
Make time for family and friends. Life is better with your friends and family.
Don’t sign up for too many clubs/activities. I would pick at least 2 max. When those end, then sign up for more. You don’t want to pick too many clubs and all of them have meets on the same day and you can’t be 4 places at once
Sometimes you just gotta chill and enjoy life. You can’t do that being busy 24/7. Kick back, kick your shoes off. Watch some TV, YouTube, or whatever. Hang out with your friends. LIVE. Life is too short missing out on things because you’re too busy. You have control over your schedule. Act like it. Own it. Think of it like that balance project you did in school. 
Sometimes it’s not that easy if it’s not possible for you. If IT IS possible for you. Stop and think. I have 2 computers. A desktop and a laptop. I could do school work on one computer and type up a blog post on another. KIlling 2 birds with one stone
It seems like schools nowadays teach you that adulting is supposed to be being busy non-stop. Wrong. It’s abou
  • Making your own choices
  • doing whats best for you
  • doing what you know is right
  • being in control
  • thinking for yourself
  • knowing how to budget
  • knowing how to plan

I am working towards being self-employed. Once I achieve that, then I will make guilds to help others achieve the same goal. I want to help other folks do what they enjoy.

I had this vision about having more time for hobbies and such working from home. ( or anywhere if you have a laptop)

I feel free when I can travel and do other things.

This blog post isn’t saying quit your job. If your schedule is crazy as it is, you may need to cut unneeded things (like going to church). If it’s not required then you don’t need it right now

and you will bring it back when you can.

Everyone’s situation is different. If you’re able to make adjustments, then go for it.

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