I Went From Being An Unemployed Autistic Adult To A Part-time Content Creator

May 30, 2023

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When I started this blog, when I originally started blogging back in 2019, I was an unemployed autistic adult. I made a hand full of blog posts explaining my struggles with finding employment. It was hard making videos with no money for gear. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a mic or lighting. I had no money for even basic stuff.

Getting monetized is not simple. Most apps have a certain follower requirement. Take Youtube, you need 4k watch hour and 1k subs. Which can be difficult to get. Depending on your niche.

I started being able to collect my earnings from my cryptocurrency blogs in the summer of 2021. Although my earnings took a huge hit, I was still able to turn in something.

I am STILL trying to get people to join my kofi/Patreon and buy my art. When it comes to a business, you have to keep promoting it. You can’t promote once and bounce and expect sales, you have to keep marketing. Your favorite store doesn’t just run one ad and bounce, they keep running ads to promote a sale they’re having.

Before Thanksgiving, Facebook invited me to their reels bonus program. When I got my first payout, they canned the program. They also have ads on reels which I unlocked at 1k followers and I will unlock stars after I stay a 1k followers for 60 consecutive days. I started posting my railfanning (train-watching) videos on Facebook reels. One video went viral where I filmed a “short” train. The reason I thought it was short was because I based it on the wait times for it. Normally at the spot I train spot it, you get those long trains where you’re waiting 7-10 minutes.

Nevertheless, the video hit half of a million views, and that’s how I was able to get the payout for the bonus. At first, you needed 100 dollars, if you don’t meet the 100 it rolled over until you made 100. Facebook lowered it to 25 before stopping the reels bonus.

My reels do pretty well. If not every month I could probably get the payout every other month. All from my train videos. I started posting my train fanning videos on Instagram, then Tiktok. I posted one of my videos to the clock app and they took it down for “dangerous activity” What did they think I was doing, filming the Unstoppable? I posted the video to Facebook and it literally took off overnight. With going viral there is a price. I’m still going to have struggles. Content creators are not rich. I mean not all of us are.

I got the attention of some trolls. I kinda like roasting the trolls. In a way, they feel like clowns deep down.

I am monetized on Facebook. I hope to get monetized on Tiktok and Youtube within the next year or so.

On Youtube, you need 1k subs and 4k watch hours. I wish Youtube would lower the requirements a bit.

It was difficult starting Youtube with no money for gear like an arm stand for my mic, a better computer for editing, etc, I wanted to play the latest games, but no console or PC to run the games. I may not be able to play the game on launch day, just like with the Last of Us 2. It came out in 2020, I didn’t get on it until December 2020.

I’d love to play the remake of the first game. No PS5 and I’m trying to kickstart my Kofi so I can get one.

Maybe someday. Working from home is better for me because it allows me to accommodate sensory needs and flare-ups etc. I will have a blog post explaining why content creation is the only job I can do.

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