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Mental Illness And a Global Pandemic

April 18, 2020

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I wanted to talk about this for awhile. Knowing my track record with offending people without intentions, I sorta put it off. So I am sorry in advance if I say anything that offends you. I had no intentions to do so.

It’s been 3 months since this mess started. I can understand how this can affect one’s mental health. I can understand anxieties being higher than usual. I can understand the worry people have. Places are closed and people are without jobs. They cannot pay their rent. This backs my point on why I was for working from home. (if possible) I get not everyone can do it. Most jobs have the option. Ex Twitter, Facebook, and Google gave their workers an option to work from home. Voice-actors can record their lines from home. (I guess?) Someone who works, let’s say retail don’t have this. They have to risk being exposed and bringing it to their families.

I want to interject that NTs always mock us when we struggle with sudden changes. When this is over, the next time an autistic is struggling with changes. I want you to think about how these changes with the closures affected your routine.

How this can affect mental illness is the feeling of hopelessness. The feeling this will never get better. Since most places issued stay-at-home orders, imagine being stuck in a place with someone who hurts you. You can’t see a friend to get away due to the guidelines.

Schools are closed. I can see how bummed kids are because they can’t see their friends. For some kids school is their only escape. Some kids get abused at home by their folks. Some kids’ only meal is what they eat at school.

That can take a toll on your mental state if your only escape is now gone.

I thought this would be the year I can get back on track. Winning my disability case, getting a chance to get on my feet. That is now gone due to the closures. Meaning for once I can buy my own clothes. Going to the gym a few times a week etc.

Sometimes I feel this will never get better and this is the ‘new’ world. I feel like 2020 gave us a big middle finger.

Another thing that has me livid is despite warning after warning to social distance and avoid gatherings with a lot of people, my folks down south chose to ignore this and continue to take their asses to church. Remember in my blog being autistic in a religious family I mentioned how the church is small, you can’t follow the social distancing rule. And when the choir sings they are not 6t away.

Church is more important it seems.

This is why everything is so bad. Selfish people who don’t care. What has to happen for them to care and close the church down? Anything can change after writing this but it doesn’t look it.

I wish people would listen to the warnings and stay home if possible.

Note that young children and elders also go to this church so if one person catches the virus then…

I want to go to another planet. Screw all of this.

2020 is literally the worse. I wish things can go back to normal.

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