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(Starting) To Build My Youtube Set Up

April 25, 2020

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I will earn a commission if you use my link to buy the product I am promoting at no extra cost to you.

Let’s be honest. When you first start YouTube, you will not have the best gear. I started YouTube with nothing. I was in a dilemma since 2017 where I had no money to get better gear. Hearing constant criticisms that I need to upgrade X because of Y. Only to tell them I cannot afford it. At the time, I had no money at all to upgrade anything. Now, that problem is somewhat over.

This blog will have affiliate links, which means I will get a cut when you buy one of the items at no extra cost. Keep in mind that I linked similar/different items due to what I got being out of stock, too expensive or not available.

This is the mic stand. The pop filter came with it. I prefer this over buying them separately. This came in handy for better audio. Having the mic closer to my mouth. It can help when I play Roblox sometimes the music is louder than me.

This is my chair. You’re going to want a comfy chair.

This is my gaming chair. This solved my back problems. You will see it in my old videos, the first chairs I used was a chair that went to an old kitchen table we had and a bar chair. Which was AWFUL on my back and my back was always hurting.

I am showing you the desk here. It allows me to better place my stuff.

You may have seen my previous desks. One was an old computer stand. The part where the keyboard goes can be pulled out, it was broken and I always had to get it back on track. My second one was 2 short glass tables stacked on top of each other glued together. I couldn’t put my feet under it. I sat too far from the computer.

The keyboard came maybe 2 weeks after I shot the video. I didn’t want to delay the video/blog post for that.

There are still some items you need if you want to start a gaming channel. The rest will be covered in a different video/blog post. I didn’t want a long list of affiliate links. I don’t want anyone to feel spammed.

I recommend getting these items little by little. You can bookmark this blog post or save my video and come back when you have the money. That is also a good option.

I found one keyboard at 5 below. When you are out shopping, use that opportunity to look for a keyboard or a chair.

This was back in 2020 when I was starting to get better stuff for youTube.

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