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The Worst Therapist I Ever Had (Video)

November 19, 2020

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This is a speed art/commentary about a time when I had the worst doctor ever. I had a doctor that I actually liked. Then she left the place. When I met the new doctor, I found out the old doctor never recorded into the system when I came in and the notes that she took. As a result, I believe this caused me to get a doctor that did not help me.

 What happened is this, I had a therapist I liked. She listened, she understood, didn’t compare me to others, she agreed on a job I can do that isn’t too overwhelming.

before my next session with her, she called me to inform me she was leaving. it took the place about a month to find me someone else. I was given a therapist that is a piece of shit. I didn’t know he would be a piece of work right away. he informed me the old doctor did not put any notes in the system when I was coming for my sessions. He said my check-in history was there, however, it doesn’t prove I was physically there. I believe this is why I was given this piece of work. They had no notes, therefore, had no idea what I talked about with the old doctor.

I find it odd how come no one noticed this and said something. I feel, why didn’t they call me to let me know and ask me what I talked to the doctor about.

He always invalidated me, compared me to other people. Never listened to me. This contributed to the stigma of why we don’t get the help that we need.

He kept asking me have I tried applying for a job and I told him about that useless job program that I went through. Over and over. I need a doctor to help me

with my disability case and he thinks the only way to get SSI for mental illness is if I cry all the time. This is why it’s hard for disabled people. There is more to not being able to work than just being able to. For instance, needing time off for appointments. Or if you are on SSI, can only work less than 20 hours so you don’t go over SSI’s cap. They cap what you can make at 200

You can be scared to work in fear you will make too much to keep benefits like EBT. I traveled to my alumni school to get my records to show I had an IEP. I told the game many times it’s my IEP NOT the testing the school did. I felt my IEP records would help me in court. He said that the autism eval was not there even though I said it’s my IEP records.

He doesn’t think it’s typical to be dx with autism ‘late’ when it actually is. Especially when I was coming up, not a lot of info about autism was around at the time. Hence why my folks treated me like I committed 1st-degree murder when I ‘acted up.’ In this guy’s eyes, you have different traits than someone else, you don’t have said condition.

I believe this POS was why I was getting denied for SSI. At any time SS could have reached out for notes. If he’s saying ‘there is no record of x’ ‘she doesn’t have autism because of Y’

Of course, SS is going to take his word and say my condition isn’t bad enough for benefits

There is even proof this place was hurting my case because the lawyer had on file that I was not seeing the doctor as I should. When the therapist I liked was not locking in the computer when I came in. I couldn’t see that garbage doctor because he was not helping me and the place said they would find me another doctor and call me but never did.

This is why people do not seek mental health help because services sucks and good services are expensive.

Just because someone’s illness is different doesn’t mean they don’t have it.

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