Why Is Liking Trains A Problem?

December 6, 2023

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I started posting my Railfan content on the internet. It seems I gain the most trolls on Facebook

I’d like to understand why liking trains is such a big issue. Why do trolls come after me for filming trains? Are these trolls like “How dare someone have a hobby?” Or something.

going to show some of the comments I get from my troll wall of shame.

Surprise, surprise, this is my job since I unlocked monetization on Facebook.

Lots of creator’s job is YT or whatever. If you want Yt as a side thing, that’s your choice. YT, content creation is my only job due to the flexibility it gives me as a chronically ill creator

There are way more but this blog would be a phone book if I listed them all. Why are hobbies frowned upon? Is railfanning THAT underrated? Or is it because I am a femme railfan?

In the other blog post, I said I identify as non-binary. so therefore I use femme. I’ve seen other non-binary bloggers use femme/masc since they don’t identify as a woman/man.

Maybe it’s sexism. Most train channels you see are mostly guys. Just because most guys like something doesn’t mean ONLY guys can like it. I did say I wanna play lazertag, maybe the sexism or whatever is just getting me ready.

I honestly don’t get it. I don’t get what’s so wrong with having a hobby. Even if you don’t understand it.

It’s like these trolls aren’t happy until they bring someone down, someone they don’t even know.

On my viral reel, long ass train, a commenter told people they need a job if they watched my reel. So people aren’t allowed to watch videos during their downtime? so if someone has a hobby they enjoy automatically means they’re unemployed? Everyone’s work schedule is different.

Also as I said, there are plenty of creators that get money from TikTok, YouTube, IG, Facebook, etc.

Some folks can like cars, trucks, buses, etc. If someone reacts to a cool car they saw, you’re OK with that but when someone reacts to a locomotive that’s a crime? People on Instagram who don’t know me were more mature with me posting my train content than these trolls on Facebook.

People also take me out of context and twist my meaning. One time I pointed out a train used the whistle in a no-horn zone and people thought I was against safety. On Facebook, I had to block people and limit comments on the reel.

If someone isn’t hurting anyone. I mean actually causing harm and not just you having a personal vendetta, what’s the problem? I need to understand what the problem is.

Why can’t we just leave people alone? I will never understand this for as long as I live.

Also, I just love it when people blame me when no one forces them to watch my content. When they leave comments like “who cares” “no one cares” and “waste of a video.” YOU clicked and watched the video. No one made you. Also, the platform suggests content based on what you search, engage with follow, etc. Why do people engage with content they don’t like just to bitch at me like I made them watch? Engage with content you actually like and you will see content you want in your feed.

Just like when the guy supposedly sent people to harass me on tiktok for iterating this point. I was harsh and said they were clowns hating on someone they didn’t know. It is silly to hate someone that doesn’t even know you. Did nothing to you personally. They could have maturely disagreed, explained why, or stitched the video and explained why. Instead, they attack my appearance. If someone makes a mistake, by all means, you should tell the creator. Attacking their looks, something that has nothing to do with their mistake, isn’t it.

You don’t have to understand it, you can accept that’s what the person likes.

If people judged less things would be so much easier.

People have been photographing trains since they’ve been on the planet most likely. Sure it’s not a known hobby, doesn’t mean it’s strange, weird, or alien. Doesn’t mean the person who likes the hobby is weird. Learn to explore new things you’ve never tried before.

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