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WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org

March 24, 2020

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I have been using since 2017. Off and on. I liked On the other hand, they had a lot of limitations. I recently bought Webhosting and a domain to use and I like.Org so much better.

In a previous blog post, I explained why I moved from WordPress to Blogger due to so many limits I had with

Why should you go Self-hosted?

For, you have to purchase one of their paid plans to install plugins, monetize, upload videos and audio.

For the Org, all you need is Webhosting and a .com URL. And you have to purchase one of the paid plans to link a new domain if you use

The org has more template designs for your blog.

I can install plugins so viewers can easily donate if they want, I was able to add a social media plug-in, e-mail list, newsletter, and more. You would not be able to add any of these with a free WordPress plan.

Long story short, you’re greatly limited on a free WordPress site compared to self-hosted WordPress,

I only have 3 GB on the free WordPress. Hosting gives you unlimited storage.

You can’t make money on a free WordPress site

Having a self-hosting WordPress I most likely will get more clicks having a custom URL. Having doesn’t spell this is my site. More or less you’re borrowing it since WordPress has its name in the URL. Having your own URL spells, ‘this is my site.’

You can’t make money on a free WordPress site. Some sites don’t allow affiliate links. Affiliate programs will reject you

I started following a YouTuber who gives some advice to be a freelancer and she said clients won’t take you seriously with a domain like I kinda see what she is saying.

If it’s your site it can’t be taken down for breaking someone’s TOS. However, it can be closed if it promotes illegal activities or if you steal someone else’s work. That is if you chose the org. If you were using free WordPress, they can delete your blog at any time. You have to agree to their TOS. If you have your own site you are responsible for everything.

I was able to add the copyright thing ‘copyright’ and then my site name. I had this option for the org but I didn’t have this option for the .com

On the .com you will have to pay a lot of money to avoid the limits. The .com has ads on your site but you don’t get a dime. If you use the org you can get a code from Adsense to put in your custom HTML widget.

Aff. marketing didn’t workout for me due to a free WordPress

I found an article to give you a little guild.

I tried affiliate marketing and it didn’t work out probably because I didn’t have a custom URL

If you want to blog as a hobby then, by all means, use the .com. If you want to blog as a future job, you will need the org.

You will need to invest in web-hosting if you want to make money from your blog. Aside from lots of traffic.

Click out the link I gave you if you want more information.

I am saying if you use a free WordPress plan you will be very limited vs if you went self-hosted.

So do you want to only be able to do like 10 things and have no control or do you want total control?

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