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2021 Upgraded Condenser Mic Unboxing

March 13, 2021

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Today I will be unboxing the Professional Condenser microphone. I picked it up during the
Black Friday sales back in November. I will be doing an unboxing+ test. It will take some trial and error
to find the hot spot. I used the new mic to record the voice-over at the beginning because for
some reason my snowball wasn’t on in OBS the audio is slightly different recording my
voice through Audacity vs through whatever recorder I am using. It will take some trial and error but it will get better the more I use the mic.

If you are looking to start a Youtube, Twitch, Podcast I suggest this mic or the blue snowball. I usually choose my mic based on what I will be doing.

This mic is easy to assemble. When It comes to assembly, I always want things that are easy to assemble.

When I recorded commentaries with my snowball, it was a pain how much noise got picked up. Sometimes removing the noise messed with the quality, making it sound horrible. This mic blocks out background noise so I am saved so much trouble. If you want to do voice-over work I suggest this mic for that reason. I am sure you don’t want sounds from your clothes, chair moments, etc getting caught in your recording.

Due to sensory issues, I need to have a fan on when it’s warm, and having a mic that blocks out noises is a major game-changer.

If you are equipment hunting I strongly suggest this mic. This is great if you are a small YouTuber on a budget. Especially if you do podcasts or singing, voice-over work.

It will take some trial and error until you get it right.

I talked more about the mic in this blog post. Sometimes I will cross-link blog posts related to what I am talking about. Especially if I made a mistake unboxing an item. Having another blog post where I mentioned said product and link a video of my using it can really help me bounce back

Another reason to use OBS Studio. You can add a noise suppressor filter. That filter is not needed with this mic. When I used to use Fraps to record my gameplay, when I used my Snowball, every noise under the sun got picked up. When I typed, my laptop fan, my air fan when my mom said something to me. With this mic I am showing you, you won’t hear a peep. My types are heard. However, your computer fan, AC/heat, etc won’t get picked up.

Everyone films in a different set up so it’s important you make the proper adjustments. My setup is in a basement therefore I don’t have a problem with echoing. Filming set-ups vary from creator to creator so keep in mind you may have to make adjustments.

This mic is also great for singing, podcasts, streaming, gaming, etc. Still, make sure you are in a room suitable for recording. This is a studio mic meaning singers use it. If you want to do covers, this mic can pick up your voice and your instrument as well.

Since the new normal limits social gatherings, if you do interviews (which you had to move to zoom) you will need a good mic. Say the pandemic tightened your budget, this mic is perfect for that, too.

When making commentary videos that call for me to record my audio in Audacity, I used the Upgraded USB mic since it cancels out background noise. When I am doing Let’s Plays, I use the snowball. As of now, my snowball broke so now I use the Upgraded USB mic for everything.

Overall, this microphone saved me so much headache editing my audio since it cancels out background noise. When I used my snowball, sometimes I had to leave the BG noise since when I tried removing it, the audio sounded metallic. These videos were scrapped due to this issue. At the time, I used Fraps to record my gameplay due to the computer I had at the time being too weak to run OBS.

here are some videos I did with the mic to give you a better judgment if you’re still on the fence. Here are some alternatives to great affordable microphones for small YouTubers. Look at some of my recent VODS on twitch where I used the mic.

here is a video I did calling out Streamlabs OBS

reading my youtube comment

How to start a gaming channel

These are some videos I did with the mic.

Remember you don’t need a 300 mic to have a good Youtube, Twitch, Podcast, etc. If you learn audio tricks, you can make a budget mic sound like you paid 100 bucks for it. I did link alternatives in case the mic is sold out then at least you’ve got more options.

Being a creator of any kind doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you wanna get into, say voice-over work, this mic works for that, too.

I also want to add that you can improve your mic with audacity and voice meter. These things are also important for getting the best out of your mic. With any equipment, you will need additional things. Just like with photography, you will need a lens for certain things like a wide-angle lens to photograph a group of people. Or your computer, you need an SSD drive to save your important files, etc. So with a microphone, you need additional software. Audacity and Voicemeeter are both free

You can visit my Twitch channel and playback some recent VODS (streamed after August) where I’ve applied the voice meeter and audacity combined.

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