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This Pandemic Proved My Point

July 18, 2020

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I made the choice to work from home back in 2018. I had trouble getting my mom to agree at the time. I made some blog posts (or will) since I am currently transferring my blog posts from Blogger. I wanted to do YT as a full-time job. People argue it is not a stable income because your channel can get banned or YouTube demonetizes your channel. Honestly, even a so-called day job isn’t stable. And the pandemic showed you that. Just like that, places that were ‘non-essential’ had to close down. Bam. No one saw it coming. In the blog posts, I talked about stores closing due to people shopping online. Stores putting in self-checkout.

I mean jobs were already on their way out due to the rise of technology. The virus was the wrecking ball to the building.

Yeah on a job if you make 200 dollars you can expect that every check. That doesn’t mean your hours can’t be cut and you lose money and/or company loses money.

I was wrong. Technology didn’t start to end retail this time. The virus did. Some places have to close for good because they lost too much money from the closings. While YouTube or Facebook can shut down, a company can lose money at any minute and put you out of a job. No job is guaranteed. If you want to stream full-time. You can simply not rely on only one platform. You don’t have to post on Facebook and Twitch. Just get some content so if your Twitch is banned or say Twitch shuts down (or makes a move that angers people and they leave) you can move to Facebook easily.

In this case, people lost their jobs. No one saw it coming. Remember day jobs aren’t fire proof from something happening to them.

They probably couldn’t find another job like a streamer can jump to another platform. Mixer closed without warning, but they were able to move their streamers to Facebook Gaming. Those who lost their jobs couldn’t just jump to another job. Burlington (also knows as Burlington Coat Factory) closed. Did they move their employees to another job? There is no saying every site that shuts down will move you to another.

What if online businesses are slowly becoming the norm? If you have an online store you can make masks since when everything started, masks were hard to find. You’re charging so you can get the items you need. The situation made YouTube revenue drop people who already worked from home like freelancers lost clients and people lost their jobs when the place they worked at closed. Both work from home AND regular jobs were hit somehow. No one’s job was bulletproof from this.

My intent for this is to show that any job, anything can be gone or face a hit.

Some jobs allowed people to work from home during the closure. When I talk about working from home, I don’t ONLY mean starting a blog or a business but jobs that you go to physically that also allow you to work from home. Say you work for Apple and Apple had to close due to the pandemic, you were able to work from home and still have a job. The company can provide you will a laptop so if people need to get phones or tech support, you can fulfill that. Retail doesn’t have that. Yet my mom wanted me to work there.

When Youtuber’s talk about getting demonetized, people will comment ‘get a real job.’ The way I see it, they think real jobs are fireproof. They are not. The best thing you can do is save money. At least if you have a website and your money dips, you can dip into your savings so you can keep paying for hosting. Imagine telling a streamer to get a job. Little do you know, they HAD a job but lost it due to the pandemic.

My mom wanted me to work in retail. I either would have been out of a job (if my autism didn’t cause me to be fired before the breakout) or at risk of catching the virus before masks and social distancing were enforced.

Things are opening back up as of writing this, not all places were able to reopen.

We also learn people are not willing to make small sacrifices if it means saving lives. Which is sad.

Remember, jobs are temporary. The store you work at now, may not be around in let’s say 5 years. Now is the time to learn to code or any other skill that can help you. Now is the time to start studying on marketing, SEO, promotion, advertising and other important things when it comes to a business.

That is what my intended message is. Now job hunting will be 2xs harder than it was before. Just because a place is hiring doesn’t mean they will hire everyone sending in resumes.

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