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Autistics Have To Sign A DNR (UK)?!

August 26, 2020

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You are reading this right? I saw a video in my feed from an autism YouTuber called “The Aspie Word.”

In his video he will show some sources in the video itself.

A DRN is a do not resessitate order. Should you become seriously ill you/your family can choose to sigh a DNR. It looks the the UK gov is asking autistic people to sign this should they catch the virus and become critically ill. This makes me sick to my stomach. That they think we are not worth saving for what? Being different?! NO ONE. NOONE should have to be ‘sacrificed’ for being different.

What are they saying? Only NTs are worthy of living?! This made me so mad I had to write an article about it.

Shame on you. And I thought the US was bad. What has this world come to that we despise. a group of people so much that you just let them die?

I am not sure about the laws in the UK because I am American, but this has to be illegal. You are suppose to help ALL of your residents. Not just the quote-on-quote ‘normal’ ones.

Thanks for causing anxiety to people afraid to not seek medical care because they are afraid you will just leave them to die because of something they didn’t ask for. Autism ignorance is very dangerous and this is a living example.

The Aspie World linked some articles in his description box.


and here.

trying to find as many videos/links in case I missed something. At least you have something to refer to. I also like to link videos/blogs to show what I am trying to reference. Sometimes I am not the best at explaining.

Here is another.

Maybe if ya’ll didn’t listen to half-assed stigmas and listened to facts, from someone who knows their stuff. You will realize you were wrong about us. What ever half-asses shit you were told about us, unlearn it. So many autisics have achieved great things. An autistic person can save your ass one day. If you kill us off, you will miss your chance to know the great things. This shit is why I hate being autistic. This shit right here. I am outraged even though it is in the UK. If the UK gov get their way who knows, it could spread else ware. We need major outrage. So much it puts pressure on whoever thought of this. If you know any autism advocates, tag them on Twitter or Facebook (Instagram) whatever makes you happy, and provide them with videos/blog posts for guilds if they are not British. If we can get a hashtag on Twitter going. A small action can go a long way. Don’t think ‘what is a hashtag gonna do’ it will direct people to that topic. It will raise alarms.

I hate this mentality to weed out the sick/disabled/elderly. I hate it. I am not religious but Jesus died for EVERYONE. Not just quote on quote ‘normal’ people.

Everyone is worthy of saving. Remember. Get as many people talking as possible. I feel this is a start.

Any medical staff who has this twisted thinking should have their licenses revoked, forever.

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