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Being Specific And Why It’s Important To Autistics

October 17, 2020

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Why is being clear important when communicating with an autistic?

It’s important because their brains can’t read between the lines and pick up on vaugeness like NTs.

If you are having a writing contest, you need to make sure you lay out all of your requirements/qualifcations. Make sure you add how many words, photos, videos etc needed. At least in my case, if you do not have these things stated, then I will be under the impression that at least if you have SOMETHING, it will count.

In Health class, when I was in school, we had a project. I did not receive enough clarity to know how I was going to be graded. For example being graded on information, citing your sources, how do did the project (slide show/paper, etc)

I was under the impression we were gonna be checked for other things. Then I checked my grade, didn’t get the grade I hoped for and it lowered my overall grade. I asked the teacher what happened and he said I did not have enough facts that gave me a B. (I had gotten a C)

If I had of know we were only going to be graded on facts, I probably would have done better.

What gets me when it is assumed I did poorly on purpose when in reality I did not get enough info to know what was needed for said activity.

I don’t bother explaining because I know my history with NTs and it will just result in bullying and insults.

I’ve always been graded on more than just one thing on previous projects. It doesn’t make sense to ONLY grade for one thing on a project when you can judge how neat their project is, siting their sources, their format of the project etc

So you can’t slam me for doing a ‘poor’ job when you never made it clear what was required.

You can’t just throw common sense out there

‘Quality’ is kinda broad. While there is a ‘definition’ of quality; people still have their definition.

Like spam. The definition of spam can say sharing the same thing repeatedly in a short amount of time. On Reddit, they will call you a spammer for sharing one link.

Quality and spam have their own spectrum in a way. So you can’t slam someone for not knowing YOUR view of spam or quality.

This is an example of something with multiple meanings and can raise some confusion when it comes down t

I am not a mind reader, so stop expecting me to be one!

I am not saying I DON’T understand quality; I mean I may not understand YOUR view. If I were to ask you, what is quality content to you, what would you say?

Being clear is important to avoid misunderstanding and double meanings.

I had this problem with my mom where she will get mad that I don’t do things but don’t tell me what and when she needs it done.

She got mad when I wouldn’t help her hang a poster. She kept saying all week she wanted to hang it but never gave a set date and time.

Nothing will get done as long as you just expect me to read your mind.

Its that simple. If you come up with a game, only make 3 rules. You can’t shame them for breaking a rule that you never stated in the rules.

You have to state EVERY rule you have for the game.

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