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Mistakes New YouTubers Make That HURT Their Growth

March 26, 2022

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We all make mistakes when it comes to our Youtube channel. However, these mistakes that new Youtubers make will hurt your growth. These mistakes can do more harm to your channel than good. Here are the mistakes that small YouTubers make. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes that hindered my growth on Youtube.

There are so many things I wish I knew when I started a YouTube channel

Imagine if I learned this thing sooner.

I’ve made most of the mistakes on this list. Here are the mistakes new YouTubers make that hurt their growth. Therefore these mistakes will keep your channel small. Also if you want to make money with your channel, these mistakes will keep you broke!

Mistake #1 Inconsistent Uploads

If your channel has been inactive for months on end, people will forget about you. At first, when you do start uploading again, it will be hard to get out there. Life happens, I get it. Youtube now has the option where you can make shorts. For the time you’re not going to have time to film a full video, you can post Youtube shorts to keep your channel active. Find something less time-consuming. If you don’t have time to record a full let’s play, then react to gaming memes, trailers, etc. If you can, hire an editor to help you get your videos out quicker. I am doing editing services. On my hire me page, I list my services.

. An editor is your best bet if you’re having trouble keeping up with work/school and Youtube.

Inconsistent uploads of one of the biggest mistakes that will hurt your growth on Youtube

Mistake #2. Making videos with poor audio

I was a small broke Youtuber. I had no money to get better equipment. Bad audio will give the viewer a bad viewing experience. I used the suck-ass built-in mic from my laptop and I got comments after comments from people in Facebook groups stating how they couldn’t hear me or how the mic’s quality was too poor. Viewers WILL complain if the audio gives them a poor experience. I also attempted to become a vlog channel. I used an old Nokia phone. The audio didn’t pick up my voice correctly. Commenters stated how my voice was soft due to the mic. if only I knew Audacity existed and I could use it to make the audio better. That’s why when you are starting a new channel, you buy a course, research everything you need to get better audio.

This is why I suggest you check out this blog post if you need to upgrade your mic. If you are looking to have better audio on your phone, this blog post is for you. Audio is one of the most important things. During my broke Youtuber era, out of all the complaints I got, most of them were about the audio. Audio is the most important thing for your videos. Bad audio is a major turn-off for new views and this mistake alone will keep you small.

Mistake #3. Not promoting your videos

You can’t rely on YT letting your subs know when you post. You’ve got to push your videos in front of them. Look for Facebook groups related to your niche! If you post in multi-niche groups there is a slim chance anyone will watch your videos. I’ve had this happen where people will comment without actually watching. If you are a make-up channel find make-up groups that allow promotion. Make sure you check the group rules first.

Mistake #4. Not making thumbnails for your videos

Thumbnails are important for your videos. It’s like a book cover. If you don’t upload thumbnails, people will overlook your videos. I use to make my graphics for Youtube, Twitch, this blog, Pinterest, etc and it has everything you need, easy to use, and is affordable if you want the pro version.

Mistake #5. Trying to do everything on your channel

Covering everything is not possible. Originally when I started YouTube in 2016, . I did gaming, vlogs, tutorials, comedy. I tried doing everything. After a while it gets tiring. It’s like trying to do every sport at your school. It’s impossible. It won’t work. If you rather do make-up, do makeup, if you rather do lifestyle do that.

Mistake #6. Sub 4 Sub

This is where you sub to someone else’s channel in exchange for a sub back. This is a horrible thing to do. All you will have is dead subs who aren’t truly interested in your content. This also breaks Youtube’s rules.

Mistake #7. Monetizing your channel too soon

Before Youtube changed its rules at least, I feel some channels were showing ads too soon. You don’t want to show ads too soon. I am all for showing ads right away. However, if you’re channel is new, its best to wait until you have at least 3 months of content first. I waited until my blog was 3 months old before I showed ads to be sure I had enough content. Also if you want to join any affiliate programs assume they want enough content on your Youtube or blog.

Mistake #8. Thinking you need expensive equipment

You do not next pricy equipment to get started. Sure that 40 camera LOOKS cool. Do you know how to use it? It’s like buying a pair of shoes. The shoes look cool, but are they your style? Think of Youtube equipment like shopping for clothes. I thought I needed everything to have better videos. While better gear will give you more features. At the same time, you want something that fits.

I made a free ebook course regarding how to start a YouTube when you’re on a budget.

The most important mistake new YouTubers make on their channels

Take advantage of new features that YT puts out. Never underestimate a video. I always link my last upload on each new video. You will never know. You may feel its a waste of time because your videos don’t get views, the algorithm could pick it up a month from now. Someone could share your video on their social. Anything can happen. The biggest mistake small/new Youtubers make that’s affecting your growth is underestimating your videos, not linking your last upload in a pinned comment. You will never know how well the video could do down the line. You’re basically passing up easy promo. You don’t want that.

Learn from my mistakes. Most of the mistakes on the list I did. However, I am sure other small creators did the same thing.

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