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The Best Microphone For Making Videos On Your Phone|| Lavalier Microphone Review

January 5, 2021

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You’re getting comments from your viewers about the audio on your phone. You’re not sure what type of microphone you need. You’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money. Well, I’m here to solve your problem. I will be unboxing and testing a lavalier microphone for your phone. I got so many comments about the audio in my videos when I used my phone. Then I got this mic and it solves all of my problems.  This lavalier microphone was a game changer for my phone videos 

Note: I found a wireless one so iPhone users won’t have to buy an additional adapter because iPhones don’t have the headphone hole

This blog post will contain affiliate links which means if you buy the product(s) I recommend, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

This mic is good for vlogging on your phone. It’s nice and affordable. It’s amazing for those of you who travel and would rather use your phone to vlog. Not only for vlogging, if you make regular videos on your phone, but this mic is also perfect for that. I also recommend learning audacity to make the sound even better. Even if you’re a gaming channel like me perhaps you want to review games, unbox equipment, etc, and film using your phone. 

For those of you who are starting a YouTube channel and are looking for a mic for your phone, look no further. It’s perfect if you are a small YouTuber on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your channel. If you make Tik toks, Instagram reels, or even Youtube shorts, this mic works for that, too.


Why should you get a mic like this? Well, mics on mobile phones can be tricky. On Reddit, someone said my voice sounded rough at times on one of my old vlogs. This was at the time when I didn’t have any money coming in to get one. When your phone gets old and the devs stop adding software updates to improve the performance, it will make your quality go down. When I first got the phone in question, my voice wasn’t rough like the guy said. I first got the phone in 2017 and the videos I made were in 2019. They mentioned that roughness is common on older phones. Therefore I guessed when the phone gets older and the devs stop pushing out updates to improve the stability. Here are some videos I did with the lav mic. I unboxed a tripod

here is a tiktok I made with it.

Unboxing my first camera

Refer to the old vlogs I linked to get a better understanding of the wind blowing on the phone’s mic. If someone is watching your videos with headphones, that blowing may be harsh on their ears and may cause them to close your videos, hurting your retention rates

Also if you film outside, when the wind blows you will hear that on the phone’s mic. In one video I recorded, certain parts were unusable because of the wind blowing on the mic. Look at the lav mic, the pop filter will suppress the wind blowing. I’ve got loads of comments about the audio on my phone with the built-in mic. This was on past channels. Now if you do not want to have viewers complaining about the audio in your videos, I suggest you get a mic like this. Out of all the complaints/comments I’ve gotten about weak things in my videos since I started Youtube, 90% of them were about the audio.

When I used my headset mic when I first recorded Life Is Strange 2, (before I got my Elgato for my PS4, I used the PS4, recorder and you can hook up a headset to your controller to record your voice) my headset picked up when I exhaled. Then I switched to my lav mic and kept it a good distance from my mouth and it suppressed the blowing sounds.

If you don’t want to have low retention rates as a result of your videos having the things I talked about, I would get this mic. Don’t find out the hard way. First impressions are important. I also have a video for you. Look at this commenter, he had the same problem bought a snowball, and solved his problems. If you are pop filter shopping, buy the foam covers, they do a better job blocking out exhaling. When I used my lav mic or bought a foam pop filter for my headset, it blocked out the blowing as you can see from the 2 lets plays I linked.

Since I bought this lav mic, It gave me amazing quality for a nice budget-friendly mic. Especially if you are starting a channel.

Here is what commenters had to say

There IS an echo in the video what happened was I forgot to mute the raw audio during editing.

I linked other videos that I’ve made after this one to prove more insights.

This has tremendously helped me as a small Youtuber on a budget. The lesson I want to teach is that you don’t need expensive gear to have a great Youtube channel (or Twitch)

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