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Poorest Performing Videos From June 2021

July 1, 2021

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June is one of the worst times for my channel. During the month of June is a lot of events that everyone is probably watching drowning out my videos. The reason I say this is because Youtube is tailored to what you’re searching for, Since E3 is being hyped people probably search announcements from their favorite games and don’t get my videos. At least pre-COVID there was Vdcon, playlist live. Then there is E3. SO I am going to round up videos viewers probably missed.

I really should have just posted once a week during this month.

I’ve noticed that my videos do worse in June than in May. Since E3 seems to be all people are watching, if a trailer for a game that seems interesting comes out, I’m gonna react to it. Then I can link all the videos that performed poorly. So for May and June I need to post once a week. If fewer people are watching my videos during these times, it doesn’t make since to post more often. I had this problem before.

My videos seem to do worse on Fridays. Roblox goes up on Fridays. Some videos do well others don’t.

Note that I added these videos with in maybe 2 days of them going live.

I will always add the newest video. This is the last video before July for my sister channel.

Most of these videos were posted during E3 hype. That hurts my channel a lot. It was canceled due to C19 last year. However 2017-2019 I noticed a major dip in viewers around e3.

I always add the last video posted for each month.

These are the videos that need some love. The first half of June is rough for my channel

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