Why Content Creation is The Only Job I Can Do

May 31, 2023

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When I first started this blog, I was an unemployed autistic adult. No jobs were accessible and had the environment I needed. When I first started the blog, I made blog posts explaining how autism/mental health would complicate a job. it was around 2019 when I originally started blogging. Then I bought hosting before COVID and moved to During the epidemic, I picked up some new issues for say.

In 2020 I picked up some respiratory issues. getting an outright diagnosis can be hard for various reasons. A specialist I went to said it’s hard to outright find because I have to be in a major flare/attack for it to be seen on any testing. It will be difficult to avoid triggers. If I am a patron, I can just leave or avoid that place. I can’t just walk off the job. Secondhand smoke (meaning just walking past someone smoking) will surely do it. Extreme heat/cold also does it. I have to sleep with a fan or my portable cooler to stay cool otherwise I’ll randomly start coughing up a lung. When I went down south when my aunt died, I rode to the wake with an aunt who smokes. I needed my inhaler. I wouldn’t be able to work outside in the extreme heat/cold because that would surely flare it up and I would need my meds on me at all times and my watch to ping a distress signal. Most smartwatches will trigger a prompt to call your emergency content if it detects a fall

In 2021 I started having extreme stomach pains that would last 3-4 days. When I run into problems, it’s going to be a long ride getting answers because of the wait times for an appointment. Nonetheless, I started having gut issues every time I ate.

After weeks of long wait times for each appointment/test, the gastro doc told me about IBS and gave me some meds for the pain. I would need unlimited access to a bathroom which I know I wouldn’t have on a normal job. Nor would I be granted 3-4 days off for the flare to pass. The flare seems to pass a bit faster if I rest. My folks relying on me makes this difficult. Also, it comes with chronic fatigue. When I had to do physical therapy for my unknown ankle injury, I was worn out. So worn out even by the next session I haven’t recharged my energy. I had no idea what PT would entail. I was thinking I’d be building my flexibility, walking w/o my cane. A workout doesn’t sound therapeutic to me. Content creation allows me to take time to recharge, for flares, where I can pace myself and make appointments as needed. I recently got over a cold. Since I do my own thing, I was able to take time off. if I had a regular job, I would probably have to bring in a doctor’s note or be punished for simply being human. When I am sick as a dog, it’s taxing on me. I wouldn’t have the spoons to go to urgent care and wait 2 hours for a piece of paper. More or less, I can take off when I am sick hassle-free. When I had to go out of town when an extended family member died, I was able to take off hassle-free.

At times, jobs may call you in on your days off, and ask you to stay late. That would not work for me. my body would not allow it. Working from home, if I want a day off to go to the spa or go bowling or whatever, I can do that worry-free that I’m going to be called into work. I need off days to recharge properly. I don’t always have to sit at home and do nothing. recharging can vary from going to a movie to chilling at the eatery. It depends on how low my energy is though

Working remotely allows me to enjoy my hobbies. I would be so burnt out from a normal job I would not be able to enjoy activities, do laundry, and so on. Because off days will be spent sleeping all day and laying around.

I hate the idea that you’re only worth something if you work and your worth is determined by how productive you are.

Also, I wish people understood that getting a job while disabled or chronically ill is not as easy as they think. Employers discriminate against us. Notice how the application has ‘must be able to lift x lbs’ when the job has nothing to do with lifting (eg a cashier) or the personality tests to weed out neurodivergent people. I follow an autism blogger and they explained how the job looks for neurodivergent traits so they know to throw the person’s resume out.

Employers refuse to provide accommodations for us, and provide flexible scheduling for appointments, and stuff.

Most disabled people rely on freelance work because its the only way they can take time off for flares, make appointments, and so on.

i wish the world was less judgemental.

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