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Court Ruling Favors The Torturing Of Autistic People! Unacceptable.

July 13, 2021

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A court in MA ruled in favor of using electric shock to ‘punish’ autistic kids. This is very disappointing. I will hotlink some blog posts that I found. Like this one. I will state what I think in my own words. I will link threads and articles that provide more insights.

This ‘punishes’ autistic kids for stimming, not sitting still, and other things associated with their disability.

The way I see it, these folks think they can zap the autism out of the person. How many times do I have to say, autism is NEUROLOGICAL. YOU CANNOT CHANGE A NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION. Neurological means it’s in the BRAIN. People think you can get rid of autism like getting rid of a mole on your body. It doesn’t work like that. That is not how this works.

It won’t work no matter how many ‘punishment’ methods these twisted people come up with

The way I see it, these kids can’t be accepted for who they are.

It’s bad enough autistics get bullied on a daily basis for not fitting in. What kinda monster thinks shocking them is OK?

If I had a child, and I heard their school was doing this madness, I would pull them out in a hot minute. No ones gonna hurt my child over something they can’t control. No one.

I can’t wrap my head around this, I cannot. What has an autistic person ever done to you?

Also, note the child will get shocked if they scream in pain from the shock. These morons don’t understand the brain at all and how it works. Anyone in their right mind would scream if they were getting zapped.

The US made this LEGAL. This is LEGAL.

Do they really hate disabled people that much? It’s that damn hard to find another way to help disabled people cope. These mother fuckers are probably too lazy to come up with a proper plan to help disabled kids in school so they jump to abuse. For Eg they don’t want to put in the effort to get the kids a stim toy (like the fidget spinners) Probably don’t want to accept their stims so they wanna shock it out of them. That’s right. If you wouldn’t do this to your pet, why do you think doing it to a child is OK. If they did this to a dog, that dog would be taken away from the abuser in a hot minute.

If you are reading this, make a YouTube video, Tik Tok, Tweet, Instagram post, etc exposing the culprits who think it’s OK to abuse disabled kids. This isn’t something to sweep under the rug. Lives are at RISK. SO many kids will get hurt/die if we do not stop this. This needs to trend. We need our voices to be heard.

I found another thread here with information.

Autistic people should not have to live in fear for simply being them. If you think this is OK, you are despicable. Autistic people deserve to be accepted.

It’s a sad world we like in where children are being tortured because they’re different.

I can imagine how those poor kids feel. They’re scared, confused wondering what they did to deserve such treatment.

Like I said before, if I had a child and their school think it’s OK to treat kids like this, I’d be in jail.

First, we had the UK ruling to let autistic people die if they catch COVID. I wrote about that, too. Now we have torturing them with shocks. I am seeing a pattern here.

All we want is to be accepted and sick fucks are trying to purge us off of the plant. That’s what they are sick fucks with no clue what’s so ever. Too much electric shock will kill someone. How would these people feel about themselves murdering KIDS for simply being who they are. Autistic people’s stims are a part of them. It helps them when faced with anxiety.

To think these behaviors are a fucking crime and is deserving of being tortured is sick and wrong. On here, I tell it like it is. I will not sugarcoat things. I don’t do that here. If I don’t like how my people are being treated, I will call it out. I bet there will be hell or earth if people in wheelchairs were being zapped. I only say like 5 posts about this matter that came up in my Twitter feed. Where is the outcry?

I don’t mean to compare one situation to another. By saying ‘what if it was the other way around and we treated X like that’ to help people realize how wrong the action is. For example

What if it was the other way around and NTs were being zapped. I would have seen it all over. I would have seen videos on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. When there is injustice, I should see it all over. That shows people care.

It makes me sick to my stomach that folks think it’s OK to punish autistic kids because of their traits.

Accept these kids for who they are. Stop trying to change them. There is NOTHING you can do to get the autism out of them. NOTHING.


You will never get rid of autism. NEVER. How do these sick fucks sleep at night?

If you’d like to submit a guest post on the matter, you can. We need as many voices as we can.

Stop The Shock. This is unacceptable.

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