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My First Book About Autism, Release Date, Preorders and More!

March 10, 2021

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I have finished my book about autism and I am set to release it on May 31st. I am using Gumroad to publish the book.  If you use the code ‘wired differently,’ you will get 1 dollar off. The book is 2.99. With the code I provided for you, you will get the book for 1.99.

In the future when I make guilds or books. Patreons will get to see the first chapter or the first few pages.

This is the first one I’ve ever done so I will probably suck but it’s actually helpful advice, it can go towards future guilds or books.

I wore this book to educate others on how we struggle with employment. Imagine posting on Facebook about needing money for something you want and some jerk says ‘get a job you lazy ***’
Don’t you wish they knew it wasn’t that simple for you? Don’t you wish they knew you can’t find or hold a job due to your autism? This book explains some reasons why we struggle to find or keep a job. You may see this is as negative. You have to point out the problem to find a solution, right? I do have a proposal that I feel will fix our issue. You have to know why you want to make a change.
This book can help the following
  • For anyone who works with autistic kids, it’s important to know that it will be tough for them to find or keep a job so you can better assist them. Most schools have job programs. Other times some of us need something that fits out interests
  • Parents of  kids/teens/adults who needs advice from an acutally autistic person
  • Anyone who wants to learn about autism
  • Students who have to write a report on a disorder.
  • Your friends. This can help your friends to better understand you.
  • Special education teachers. While you want to prepare kids for the adult world, they will have a great deal of trouble finding a job.
If you want to know what change you want to make, you have to know what you want.
If you want to wait for the release of the book, that is fine. The book was written, proofread, and published by me.
The cover was made by this person.
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