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How You Can Support A Small Creator (even if you have no money)

August 14, 2023

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How you can support a small creator even if you don’t have money. Small creators open up ways for followers to support them, they may sell merch, have a Patreon or other subscription service, streaming tips, and more. There are other ways to support your fav creator with no money.

Reblog Their post

Most creators may have their blog or YT videos monetized with ads, reblog the video, or blog promo posts to boost traction. Reblogging their store posts also helps. It costs nothing to reblog/reshare their store posts. Bookmark their store posts so in the event a friend is looking for something to buy or whatever, you can suggest the person’s store if their stuff fits what your friend wants. Reblogs don’t mean they got sales. Kofi shouted out my page way back. I got a lot of reblogs, not a single person followed nor donated or joined a membership. Visibility is the first step to helping the creator.

We have to constantly promote our stuff. Mr. Beast can promote his latest milkshake recipe. and not have to do another promo post for weeks because he has a big enough base to keep things going. I, on the other hand, would have to constantly promote because when a post doesn’t get engagement, the Ai suppresses it after awhile

Shout out

You can give the creator’s store a shout-out. Take my store, I make my photos into wallpapers for your phone. Say you’re a photographer. then you can shout out the store for people who want phone wallpapers or something. Give them a shout-out on your Insta stories, maybe a segment on a tiktok video.

feature their page on your blog. Pin their page on your Twitter. Tell your friends about it.


If you liked what you bought, leave a review. Good reviews encourage people to buy from the creator. If you got a faulty item, please message the creator, getting faulty stuff will happen. Negative reviews, especially if the issue could have been easily fixed by messaging the person, will hurt their gig. I’ve gotten packages lost from Amazon. Go back to your orders, and claim your refund or replacement (whatever option the seller has). You can do the same for a small creator, message them and they will refund you and you buy the item again.

Even a Twitter post and tagging the person can help. Say you bought a mug from someone. Post a photo on your Instagram or Twitter etc and explain your excitement for the mug, tag the person you bought it from, and link their store.

Join Free things

If the creator has a free membership, join it. The free subs are a good way to help the creator get off the ground. This way you get a feel of what you might buy. For example, I have a Substack, it’s like Patreon, but I can offer exclusive blog posts. There is a free sub where I’d offer a couple of free blog posts. You can let people know how much you enjoy the free content and it could encourage people to go paid.

Boost the post

Reach tends to die down after a while. Commenting a gif or a random photo to boost the thread so more people can see it can lead to the creator’s first sale, member, etc

A lot of times small creators don’t have money for ads so they need social media to drive traffic to their blog or whatever.

Final thoughts

Even if you have no money, you have ways to help the creator for free such as reblogging the post. Saving the post so if a friend is looking for something, maybe the creator can help them. You will never know what reblogging can do.

If you are able to buy from them, make a video review, make a post, and tag the creator to encourage people to buy from that creator.

I have been trying for ages to get sales to no avail. Starting your own gig is not a walk in the park, it’s not a get-rich-quick short cut. You will struggle to get sales when you first start.

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