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Travel Diaries [Jericho, AR Spring 2019]

April 4, 2020

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I didn’t even expect this trip. I was expecting to come in May sometime. Then the unexpected passing of my late aunt came and my folks down south sent someone to come get us. It’s been a gloomy let fun time. I started this blog while I was still out in Jericho. You guys better thank me for this. I am doing this with the slowest connection in the world. I finished the blog when I returned home. I starting writing the post while I was away.

We ended up having to turn around because my grandpa forgot his meds. He thought he packed them. We were a good 20 mins away when my mom called me.

Somewhere in Illinois. The state is so big I don’t remember half of the cities here.

Just dead cornfields. Corn doesn’t grow until the summer.

It was getting dark while we were on the road. We didn’t leave until like 4. We still had ways to go before getting out of Illinois when it got dark. We were a bit late due to having to turn around so my grandpa can get his meds.

Look at the nice dusk sky with the farmland. The golden hour is amazing. Look at the lovely landscapes.

The sunset was just amazing on the road. It’s breathtaking.

It was way too dark to take any more photos. No street lights like in the city.

It was so dark out. Night traveling is cool if you’re going somewhere lit up at night.

I will split this into parts because I did take several photos and took several photos.

Occasionally I will make some off-topic blog posts like this as a way to add something positive. Traveling makes me feel free and I want the readers to know that. I am also going to upload some of my videos directly to my blog to save me the trouble of having to upload it to Verond or YouTube all the time.

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