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November 28, 2020

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I am going to be cleaning up the blog and organizing it a bit. I will narrow down my categories. I will pin them to the top of my page for things like my videos, guest post, my guest posts. I will leave current articles as they are. I don’t want to lose the shares, views, comments they got. Instead of moving things from the portfolio catagory just leave things as they are and just implement the changes the next time I get a new guest post.

I am learning the ropes of having a blog since before when I was using I didn’t have the same control as I do here using It’s a learning curve.

I will create a section for my YouTube videos because if the viewer wants to watch my YouTube videos, they don’t always have to look through my blog posts to do so.

I have a monthly planner for my content on YouTube so viewers will know what is coming and when. Although I should do the same for my blogging content. That way folks will know what happening on the blog as well as on YouTube.

I will create a section for off-topic posts.

I will have a section for product reviews and unboxings.

The main categories I want are Autism, Autism and Employment, Mental Health. Anything that is not related to autism or mental health will be in the off-topic sections. Like how I have playlists for my YT videos I will put my blog posts in different sections to help people find what they want. It will take some time to revamp the blog so please understand that.

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