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Using A Free WordPress Site Was My Biggest Blogging Mistake

April 30, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I will earn a commission if you use my link to buy the product I am promoting at no extra cost to you.

Did you know that Using a free WordPress site is one of the biggest mistakes I made? I will explain why having a free hosting site is the biggest mistake you can make. It held me back and made it impossible for me to make money. Using A Free WordPress Site Was My Biggest Blogging Mistake

Free sites have limits

On Blogger, for example, you have to wait 6 months before you can show ads if you don’t buy a custom URL. On, you have to upgrade to a paid plan to show ads. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, some sites don’t allow those links, and at least Amazon’s program will reject your application if you do not have a custom URL.

You can’t install plugins, buy custom themes and install them. At the same time during my broke Youtuber days, I had no money for hosting. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers suggest Blue Host. However, they are too expensive. That’s why I am here to show you affordable services. At least something to suffice until your money builds up. I want to be the one to consider your budget before recommending something.

Also, you can’t show ads on a free site. Adsense or any other ad program won’t accept your site if it’s not self-hosted.

Also if the site decides your content doesn’t go by their rules, without warning, they can shut your account down. Also if WordPress or Wix etc were to close their doors, your blog is going with it.

free sites have limited bandwidth. You can only upload so much content before your site runs slower. The viewer will flee like flies if your site takes too long to load.

On I only had 2 GB to upload content, and couldn’t upload videos.

A free site could have been why affiliate marketing wasn’t working for me

I have been trying my hand at affiliate marketing since 2018. How Amazon’s program works is if you don’t make 3 sales within 6 months, they reject your application. I suggest stuff I use for my Youtube like my Blue Snowball mic. I promoted my posts everywhere could. No dice. Maybe the free WordPress site is why. The viewer probably couldn’t take me seriously. As a matter of fact, the viewer couldn’t take me seriously.

I feel that’s why it wasn’t working. I used ShareASale and merchants were rejecting my applications left and right and I feel the free site is why. When you explain where and how you’re gonna promote their product in the application, it asks for the site(s) you will use. Free sites don’t look professional. As a result. free blogging platforms will also cost you brand deals as well if you were to apply to write a sponsored post for a company.

At least now that I have a custom UR and rebranded my blog (this used to be an autism blog) I am starting to get clicks with Amazon’s program. Now the next challenge is converting the clicks into sales. Before I wasn’t even getting clicks.

A free site is why no one bought my little book/guild about autism

Back in 2019, I wrote a little ebook/guild about autism where I explain how hard it is for us to get or keep a job. I advertised it on a free WordPress site. I was down about no one being interested in it. Also, I hardly had an audience due to the free site.

The free WordPress site is possibly why no one was interested in buying it. This may have set the vibe that I am trying to sell something from a free Blogging site, I also promoted my art store, Patreon, and editing/writing services with no luck.

At some point, I used blogger and snagged a free domain from a site called Freenom. I talked about it in this blog post. I did continue my services promo from the blogger site with the free domain. Most likely, it made the viewer not trust me.

Free WordPress, Wix, etc sites are not yours. As I said before if the site closes its doors or decides your content doesn’t follow its rules. your site will be gone.

The moral of the story free sites suck. They limit you.

If you plan on making money on your blog, you need a self-hosted blog. Look at how much trouble I had just getting views on my aff links, getting accepted by merchants on ShareASale, and getting eyes on any services I tried to promote. Ask yourself if you want to experience the same issues?

I use Namecheap and I am happy with their services. You can refer to my post regarding how to start a blog to learn more.

I am here to prevent you from making the same mistakes I made or catch you while you still have time to bounce back. If you can’t afford to host, at least use your YouTube channel to promote your aff links or any services you are offering. You can also use your Instagram, and Twitter to promote services. For aff marking programs make sure you check their rules first.

Remember the old saying you have to spend money to make money.

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