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How To Balance School/ Work And YouTube

January 2, 2021

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In this video, I explain how you can balance school/work and Youtube. It’s hard to find a balance between them. I am here to help you out.

I hardly see advice on balancing school/work and YouTube, so I thought I’d make a video/blog.

These tips would have helped if I decided to start a Youtube channel while I was in high school. Do you want to upload on Youtube but do you feel its too much? I’ve got a solution to your problem. Keep in mind video blogs tend to be shorter since I have a video. The blog is to address things I made have forgotten and thought about when the video goes live

1.Preplan content

I’ve been bulk recording content forever. This is a good way to balance everything. On weekends or whenever day(s) you have time, spend about a few hours recoding content so you can have enough to last a few weeks or so.

2.get a planner

This helps you organize yourself better. You can map out a proper workflow for your content. One day is spent doing research, the next day editing, and so on. I planned my videos a month in advance to be sure I had enough content. You can use your planner for school or work. You can set a day you will dedicate to Youtube.

3.Schedule your uploads

I schedule my videos beforehand to be sure it goes up at the time I want them to. That can help you out greatly you can schedule for video for the day(s) you want it to go live. Therefore you can schedule the videos for the entire week or month.

4.Space out workflow

Whatever your videos need, you can space out your workflow. Let’s say Mondays are research, the next day editing, the next day thumbnails, the next day scheduling your videos, etc.

5.Take advantage of days off/breaks etc

When you have breaks from school like summer break, winter break, spring break, etc. You can use that chance to record and edit etc. You don’t have to give up an entire day, just spend maybe 2 hours or so.

Your Youtube can be a future job. it will be tough getting there being inactive for months. This is why I made this video.

Being your own boss is the best. You work when you want, your own schedule. You have so much freedom! Isn’t that great? If you want that to be your reality then you know what you must do.

Leave a comment if there is something that helps you that’s not on the list. That will help me out tremendously.

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