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Travel Diaries// Summer Friendship Festival 2013

August 14, 2021

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These are my old travel photos. This was taken in 2013 when I went to a festival in Will County ( I think). It was about a 2-hour drive from Chicago. The country held this festival every summer. A lady I helped out over the summer sells things at these festivals so I went with her. I went 2 different days so you will see photos taken at different times

I got a good view of this Farris Wheel. I did record a video as well. I might find my travel videos and post them to my Verond channel so I can link them on here. They weren’t really vlogs just some clips that I randomly recorded of my trips.
Everyone is out enjoying the festival. What is a travel trip without taking pictures?
Sometimes I take more copies of my photos to see which one I like better. When you look good enough, it is a good landscape of the trees.
There is the Starship ride. I didn’t get on it because these rides make me super dizzy. I do not like being dizzy. It makes me feel sick. Here are more people walking around the festival.
The bumper car ride.  The only time you can drive a car as a kid. Even then I was a good driver. It would have been nice to get a photo(s) of me on the rides, however, I didn’t have a friend with me. The friend could get the phots while waiting says, for example, they didn’t want to get on the ride.
There were some games at the fare.
It was getting dark. I like traveling at night. You get cooler photos. That is if the place you’re going to is lit up at night. If it’s not lit up, then it will be a challenge to vlog/take photos.
This is the night time photo. I am praying for the day when phones get good night photos. Or at least they come with a microlens.
A very blurry far away photo. Like I told ya, I wish phones got good night photos. Also, at this time I was still learning how to take photos.
These are all of my festival photos. I will upload my travel videos to my Verond channel and add them here. You will see that later on since I preplan my content.
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