Autism and RSD: I Want To Be A Voice Actor While Having RSD

February 6, 2023

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Autism and RSD. I recall making a blog post about this sometime in 2021. I talked about how my neurodivergence would make it difficult. RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria) can range from extreme sensitivity to rejection. Everyone is different so there is no one answer to this. When you think about it everyone is affected differently with certain autism/ND traits so i can’t say “oh well this is why that happens or that” because another person may not have said struggle.

I had an RSD moment. I found a Voice Over Artist who started a VO challenge on their discord where they will provide a prompt and you gotta interpret the emotion. I didn’t realize, right away, it was elimination based. I was under the impression that it was more like a “let’s see where you are at” since their group was “jump into VO.” For one of the scripts, I decided to use a twist from a real-life experience. I am furious with my now ex-friend Ed for not accepting me as LGBT+. Well, he tricked me into thinking he would be accepting when he said “since when did you support them” and then smiley emoji. Pretending to come off as supportive only to tell me I’m “on the wrong path” was the last straw with him. Also before he’s done some things and I gave him chance after chance. That’s what I felt the message of the prompt was.

I tried to channel that energy into the script. I was genuinely fed up with him. I hated him. I really hated him and channeled that anger into the prompt. I didn’t even pass the first round. I made an IG reel promptly after. I didn’t log onto that channel for 3 days. The next prompt was about the character tired of playing by the rules which was perfect timing. I was a storyteller before I knew I wanted to get into VO so I felt that skill would be useful.

Forgetting about the auditions you sent is WAY better. The Casting call emailing the person(s) they chose etc is way better than getting a rejection email. This challenge was more like America’s got talent but with voice acting and less harsh.

It’s those moments when you feel like you’re not good enough. It can be far from that. That way I see it, the autistic/ND brain process these things differently than the NT brain. Especially when ND folks are rejected by society just because they are different. Which can be the origin of our RSD. In general being rejected by society, bullied, etc due to our autistic traits.

It hits harder when you put so much thought into your craft and it’s rejected. And I put so much anger from that stunt my now ex-friend pulled into the prompt because I felt it fit well. And that was a nay.

I’ve always had issues with rejection. That’s why I decided to work from home, or at least one of the reasons why. Jobs send out rejection emails (depending on the company)

I tried out for a play but didn’t get a part. Didn’t try out for anything since then. Rejection hits me hard. I told my teacher about it and she said she didn’t make the cheer team. I felt all the AAA voice actors didn’t get rejected because of all of the stuff I’ve seen them in. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so to speak.

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