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Read This If You’re Looking For A Good Microphone fo Youtube (or anything really)

December 26, 2020

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Lets be honest, when you are a small YouTuber on a budget, its hard looking for a budget microphone for your videos. Or if you want to stream on Twitch, start a podcast, make music etc. Speaking from experience, the built-in mic on your computer will not cut it.

Here is how aweful the quality was for my videos before I got my blue snowball. This was taken from my laptop’s built-in mic

I’ve gotten complaints left and right about my mic. In Facebook groups, on the video itself, etc

Imagine having a job interview or teaching a course etc and that’s what the other person is hearing! First impressions are important.

See how robotic it sounds, you’re like ‘Girl no wonder you got so many complaints’

This video is a review that I did. I like having both video and blog versions of product reviews.


Let’s be real, when you’re a small YouTuber or streamer on a budget, it can be hard getting good equipment for your channel. The Blue Snowball is a budget-friendly mic that will give you good-quality audio yet save you money.   I am a small YouTuber. Originally when this blog was made (I am currently importing my blog posts from Blogger) I had no money at all to get better stuff. I had to use the sucky mic on my laptop and I got several complaints. Once my money got where it should be, I was able to get better gear.
The mic can be used for anything, commentary, video calls, streaming, console gaming, music, etc.
As I am editing this, (2020) we are in the middle of a new normal and most of you have school on Zoom and need a good mic, right? Here is a stream I did and how the mic sounds with RAW audio. No audacity editing. Im not using any software. the only thing I added was the noise reduction filter and the compressor filter to keep my audio from peaking (going too loud) when I yelled. Here is a reaction video that I did. Raw audio no editing. 
Unlike recording a video and you can edit the audio in Audacity, when Live streaming, you cannot do that. This is why it’s important the mic you’re getting will give you great raw sound.
I highly recommend this mic to anyone who wants to start a Youtube or a Twitch. YouTuber/Streamer or not. Think about this,  you want to land a job and may have a video call interview, you want to be prepared for an interview over video chat. The built-in mic on your computer does not have the best quality. Maybe you teach a course via Zoom and you want to make sure your students can hear you properly. You’re going to need a good mic so whoever is interviewing you can hear you clearly. You will never know. You may want a job that involves having a good mic. (eg voice-over work, singing, podcast) etc. It’s affordable. Easy to set up.
You do not need expensive things to have good quality. It’s all about learning the fundamentals.


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