A Review Of TubeBuddy And How It Can Help You Grow Your Channel

March 7, 2022

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This blog post will be a review of Tubebuddy, a browser extension that helps small Youtubers grow their channel.

You may be asking yourself why do you need Tubebuddy. You may be asking how can Tubebuddy help you. Tubebuddy is a browser extension that helps you manage your YT channel. It recommends relevant tags for your videos. It comes with shortcuts to help you navigate your channel.

I did some video reviews of Tubebuddy that I’d like to show you. I always like having video demonstrations to prove I actually use it and then a blog article for extra information I may have forgotten to tell you.

As I mentioned in the video, you have so many limits with the free version. The big thing I showed you is that you only get 3 tags for the free version. Look at all of the tags you get for the pro version.

There are some helpful tools like click magnet that you can only use with a Legend subscription. That will really help you know what content your audience is clicking on.

Tubebuddy has a thumbnail maker right through their app.

Remember when the COPPA law took effect on Youtube? Tubebuddy has that too! it allows you to keep track of which videos are marked for kids/not marked for kids by you or Youtube.

There are so many features you do not want to pass up.

Tubebuddy also has some member perks. Note: You need at least a pro subscription to get them. Need to know when your viewers are online so you know when to post? Imagine learning you’re not pulling in views because you are not posting when your audience watches YouTube. Tubebuddy’s got your back. It just a matter of if YT has enough data.

perks that members
get on

For example, you get a discount on music services. You can only use Audio Hero for YouTube. Epidemic sounds you can use their music for Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. I haven’t used Lickd so I cannot speak on that one.

You get a discount on tools for your channel

You also get discounted/free access to video graphics such as animated lower thirds.

This screenshot is showing a discount on channel reviews. Investing in reviews is a great way to know where you can improve.

You also get discounts for training courses and channel reviews.

here is a screenshot from Tubebuddy’s website that shows a discount on channel consultations if you have a paid subscription

Look at this. Normally you would pay 249 bucks for a consultant for your channel. A course on how to grow your Youtube is normally 99 bucks but it’s FREE with your Tubebuddy membership. Remember I have the pro subscription so at least this is what I am seeing with a pro subscription. YOU MUST have AT LEAST a pro membership. When you are a small Youtuber, money can be tight. Therefore you want to save as much as you can.

What are you waiting for, install Tubebuddy if you want to grow your channel and have everything you need. As I said in the video, if you use my link and my code to purchase Tubebuddy, I will get a commission. use the code ‘Holt’ At checkout to get a discount. If your account is under 1K subscribers you can claim that discount.

This is how I feel about Tubebuddy. Its helped me out since I day I discovered it.

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