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Why Your Channel Isn’t Growing On YouTube

June 1, 2019

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It’s hard not to blame YouTube’s algorithm for the reason you’re not growing. It’s particularly on YouTube for not alerting the subscribers of your uploads. It’s not all on YouTube though. It’s somewhat their fault why you’re not growing.  Here are some reasons why your channel isn’t growing on YouTube.

Channel Appearance

does your channel make people want to check it out? Of course, no one is going to stick around if your channel has no banner, profile picture, or attention-grabbing thumbnails. There are several tutorials you can look up on how to make graphics for your channel. Or you can pay someone on Fiverr to make graphics for you.

Think of it as a book, the book has to have an attention-grabbing cover to make you wanna buy it. Or a movie, the movie has to have a good poster to get you to go see it. Sometimes, looks do matter. Sometimes, you do judge a book by its cover. I admit I don’t have Photoshop skills. You can do some basic things there.

Your Channel Has No SEO,

this is how people will find your videos or your channel. You have to tag your videos, you can use Tubebuddy for tags. Tubebuddy also gives you a list of best practices for your videos. If you are not tagging your videos, of course, no one is going to find your videos or channel. Tubebuddy also has a lot of useful features and shortcuts that make life easier.

I recommend one of the pro levels since the free level is greatly limited. I did a review of Tubebuddy. 

Not Posting Consistently

You cannot post like once a month and expect to grow. You need to have a set schedule for your uploads. Make sure you pick a schedule that you know you can stick to. It’s understandable that you may get busy and that takes time away from your channel. Learn how to organize your life.

Take advantage of your free time to record/edit for your YouTube Channel. Got an unexpected day off of work? Use that to do some work on your channel. Stream if you don’t have much time to record. If you have a stable internet connection, you can stream when you don’t have time to record/edit. When you get time, take advantage of it to record.

This way, you keep your channel active. Say you post once a week and life happens, knock it down to every other week if you can. Prep videos that won’t require much editing.  Hire an editor if you can. I am offering editing services to help you out!

Poor Watchtime/Audience Retention

If your watch time/audience retention is low, YouTube will not recommend your videos to people. If your video is 20 minutes and they don’t watch for 5 minutes, that tells YouTube your video is not interesting and will push it down further. It is tough knowing what causes people to close your video. You should keep your videos as informative as possible.

When I started a gaming channel, I didn’t know they looked into the gamer’s personality. I thought they will stay on the video if they are interested in the game. I was wrong. I was wondering why my retention was so low and why they were leaving after a minute and something seconds. I talk about this in a video I made about things I didn’t know about YouTube.

Once I learned how good the game is means nothing if I don’t talk, voice my thoughts on the game, etc, I decided to re-shoot my gameplay videos. I made a video giving my tips for passing 100 subscribers and it blew up really fast. That is because my retention was good and that told YouTube ‘people really like this video, let’s promote it.’ I would post some shorter videos every now and then.


this method does NOT help you grow your channel. People who do sub4sub do not care about your content at all. They just want to boost their numbers and will unsubscribe days later. You want people who actually care to watch your videos. Not people who are only subscribing to get their numbers up. This is like having a packed movie theater. If people are texting away at a friend that packed movie cinema means nothing. I talk about sub4sub in a video, ranting about people doing it when it does nothing.

I hope you take some of this into account. There are YouTube experts you can watch like Roberto Blake. He gives great tips to grow your channel on YouTube. YouTube’s alert system sucks so I suggest you ask your audience to follow any social media accounts you use. Feel free to share this blog with someone who made needs it. I try to use a change to promote my channel when possible and appropriate.

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