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What This Pandemic Has Shown Us

May 12, 2020

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When will this light up? But seriously. These are the thing this has shown us. For instance, people who need assistance like food stamps are belittled. Especially those who are unemployed. They are judged as moochers when the accuser doesn’t know the story. Now people that lost their jobs due to the pandemic need that same assistance that they mocked struggling families for needing. We learned not to mock people’s situations simply from what you see through your lens. You can be put in their shoes one day. That day is now. Now you see how it feels to not be able to afford food and stuff.

Now you see why people need benefits. Even when there wasn’t a global pandemic, other things can cause jobs to drop resulting in people needing assistance.

In this blog, I talked about a guy belittling me for needing SSI. Let’s say he lost his job because of the virus. Because he has a disability, he’s eligible. Now he needs the same thing he mocked me for having. If this actually happened, he can’t say sorry because I blocked him.

Now we learned jobs are not promised. Your job can be gone like the wind. NO matter what it is. People have this impression if you’re not in an office what you do isn’t a real job. When Youtuber’s talk about losing revenue due to the demonetization, they are told to ‘get a real job.’

‘Real’ jobs aren’t fire proof as you can see.

I had trouble getting my mom to accept that I wanted to work from home. She wanted me in retail. Today, my job would have been gone (she wanted me to try Marshal’s and Burlington). At least working from home, I would have had YT, this blog and my crypto platforms which I was holding money on.

Some places may close for good because they lost too much money. All of those jobs, gone. Think about that before your mock unemployed people and stereotype them as lazy.

This also taught us to call your friends/family. They can be gone tomorrow and you won’t get a do-over.

This shows us how people can’t do what they’re suppose to do.

If people stayed home when they were told, maybe things would have simmered down a little.

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