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Travel Diaries// Jericho, AR [Part 2]

April 23, 2020

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If you recall the trip that I took down south back in October? I am back for another part. Since travels are on a freeze, how about share some throwbacks. I won’t share every photo I took. I took way to many. I took some vlogs on the trip.

The country dusk is amazing since you don’t have all of those lights like in the city. I probably couldn’t drive out here I’d drive into another universe. I don’t see well at night when it is pitch dark. 

I cannot remake that amazing color image took from April. You know what they say, you can’t remake perfection. You can’t remake it for a reason.

I don’t write alot because I want the image to do the talking. I want the viewer to think about what the image reminds them of. On my Steemit blog, when I used to use minnow support, this was seen as ‘low quality’ and I was punished aka muted. Punishing an artist for not leaving an essay on their images is wrong.

I take more copies of my photos since my 70 MPH photography skills are rusty. I mean if I am in a vehicle going 70 MPH being able to get a good, clear still image. It was noon when I took this. After a good nap after settling in.

Not many fields I can get this time of year. Which is why I would like to come in the summer. At least corn is growing in the summertime. At the same time, it’s hot as a dessert in the summer.

 My 70 MPH photography skills are rusty. I mean if I am in a car going fast getting a clear, still photo. This photo came out ok. This was when I was on my way to my grandmother’s house.

It was maybe 8 am.

I feel in love with these photos. They came out so great. I even had cell service out here. In my Fox River blog, I had nothing when I was out there. Maybe because back then I had AT&T and now I have T-mobile.

Some of these photos are on my Redbubble store if you want to buy them.

The best and only moon photo I will get.

This photo looks like a 3D scene to me.

some of these photos are out of order. The next time I will be organizing my photos by the day I take them.

 wanted to get paid to travel and take photos. I rather work for a company that at least pays for airfare and hotel and I cover food. That’s what I want to do. I have 3 crypto blogs that I earn from. That can be something cool for me. I feel that it feels right. My folks may not agree but they are not in my head. I trouble getting them to agree with working from home.

This is a nice cotton field.

 Here is a little country sunset. Country dusk is better because you don’t have all those city lights messing with the white balance.

The only somewhat good full moon photo you will see.

Since travels are on halt, you will see some old ones.

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