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Things That Abled-Bodied People Fail To Understand About Disabled Folks

June 5, 2021

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There are some things abled-boded people don’t understand about disabled folks. Abled-bodied people don’t face the struggles that we do. I will explain some things that won’t cross your mind.

Folks do not understand that disabled folks just don’t get SSI or medical insurance etc. It’s a constant battle being ‘disabled enough.’

Disabled folks have to prove tooth and nail they are disabled enough for the aid they need.

1. We struggle to keep a job while you don’t- Disabled folks struggle to hold down jobs for many reasons (although some may vary)

  • Missing work due to symptom flare-ups
  • Their disability getting in the way of their job performance
  • Missing work to attend doctor’s appointments
  • Discrimination
  • ableism
  • bullying
  • or they struggle to get days off for their appointments and end up quitting as a result.
  • Things caused by their disability that’s out of their control ( eg someone with IBS needing the bathroom frequently)

This is one of the reasons why I want to work towards being self-employed because I know it will be hard for me to keep a job needing days off for appointments and/or flare-ups. The whole variety pack.

At least if I work from home, I can take my laptop and do whatever in bed. I wanted to get into Freelance writing. I can take my laptop and get in bed.

One reason working from home came in handy

The C19 Vax made me sick. I missed out on the rest of my recording week for YouTube. Fortunately, I still had some videos to pull through for June. I was able to step down and heel. On a normal job, however, employers allot little to no sick days, and people have to choose between their job or taking off. Imagine being disabled/Chronically ill and being sick is the norm for you.

On a job, if I get a bad period cramp or headache I can’t go sleep in the lounge.

I hate being compared to other people

I hated when my mom always compared me to other autistic people who do work. They may not need as many appointments as I do. Yes go ahead and judge me based on a small margin.

OR just maybe, they found a job that fits their skills. I wish people would stop thinking all we are worth is bagging groceries just because we’re disabled. There is nothing wrong with bagging groceries. I mean we can’t show our skills when you undermine us because of our disability.

I am not saying abled-bodied people/neurotypicals don’t struggle with jobs but ya’ll are fired for bull shit reasons (most likely lies management made up or heard about you) we are fired because of our disabilities.

2. Ya’ll are not looked down on and judged.

Disabled folks are looked down on and judged. Some disabled people need SSI. Judgmental people call it a handout. See? Abled-bodied people don’t understand the process it takes to get SSI or any other help.

Nor do they know how long it took you to get it. In an autism group, this person wanted to make me feel bad for feeling great about getting the help I fought hard to get.

They think it’s a handout. Little did they know, it took me 4 years to fight for my case, almost 8 denials total. 3 denials when I first tried applying in 2016 into 2017.

And then a denial after an appointment with SSI’s doctor in 2018. 3 denials after that appointment before having to appeal to a law judge. From November of 2018 until July of 2019 I waited for the court hearing. Then in October, I got an official date.

Someone w/o a disability doesn’t have to worry about being judged because they need help because their disability limits them from working. Or don’t have to worry about being judged for appearing ‘normal’ and using the disabled stall in the bathroom or a disabled parking space.

If in the judgmental person’s eye you are not ‘disabled enough’ and you have SSI they assume you cheated the system.

You can’t ‘cheat’ now because of the hefty process they have now. My mom has been in this battle since 2012.

3. People use ‘autistic’ as their punch line for memes.

Imagine seeing people use a disorder you struggle with as a joke for brownie points. In general, people use disabilities as insults

Imagine someone using a condition you struggle with every day as a joke. Making a mockery of it.

You don’t have to fight just to access basic things like getting into a building.

I wish folks had a better understanding of the struggles disabled people face.

Final thoughts

I am sick and tired of abled-bodied people thinking they know more about obtaining ‘handouts’ as they like to call it, struggles disabled people have on jobs more than the person who is currently going through the said situation.

Honestly. we are sick and tired of being told we are not ‘trying’ just because of a small % of disabled people who are working. We are sick and tired of people comparing a hobby we can only do ever so often to attending a job.

The ableism is annoying. We are sick and tired of being judged.

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