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Poorest Performing Videos For April 2021

May 1, 2021

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At times, my channels hit times where its harder to get views than normal ( for example for a specfic time I could have 20+30 views the next day and during the low viewership period I get less than 10 views. I will create this post for videos that performed poorly. Assuming viewers did not see these videos in their feed due to how flawed Youtube’s alert system is.

I will start doing the monthly content planner to help viewers be aware of what content is coming.

The Life Is Strange 2 series did better than Before The Storm. This one episode was unlucky.

Roblox the maze.

Roblox murder mystery short.

I do episode minis whenever I do story games to show parts I like that I feel the viewer may have missed since viewers do not always watch the entire video.

reacting to my old Roblox videos.

Video has been up for an hour and no one has seen it. Its almost May. May is one of the times when my views are lower due to prom, gradation, finals etc. I don’t know what will be done about that this year due to COVID 19 tho. I will rotate between my main channel and my sister channel.

The performance for the Last of Us really started to tank after maybe 3 episodes in. I will link the playlist for this series to make it easier.

I will count anything lower than 20 views. 10% of your subs watch your videos so I should average around 20 views or more per video. Resident evil 4 started to decline after a few episode.

I will link the playlist for this series as well. I am still playing the game as we speak right now.

The Sins 3 short cute moments. This is from an old video I did back in 2016.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is performing better than the Last Of Us and Resident Evil 4. I still feel it could do better. If you look out for the monthly planner, you will know what content is coming.

A tutorial on how to improve your commentary with audacity.

Tips for avoiding burnout on YouTube.

The old school Sims games. Good times huh.

I will link any videos that get fewer than 15-20 views within a day of the video being up. The first 48 hours are important to tell YT whether or not to push the video out to more people.

My Sim got caught pulling a prank at his school.

My Sim got arrested while at work in the criminals career.

These are all the videos that performed poorly in April 2020. Hopefully, this will help the videos do better.

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